How to Choose Christmas Trees for Living Rooms

4 Guides On How to Choose Christmas Trees for Living Rooms

When it comes to Christmas, Christmas trees are items that can’t be opted-out to complete the whole festive moment. Whether it’s small or big, Christmas trees can definitely affect the whole look and atmosphere in any room so you will definitely have to choose the one that really shines the room even more. The area in a house that many people choose to place a Christmas tree is the living rooms,

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How to Choose Christmas Trees for Living Rooms


How to Choose Christmas Trees for Living Rooms 1

Of course, budgeting is important to make everything planned and stay in line because you don’t want to go over budget and spend all the money you will use on something else on trees. Before shopping, you might want to consider these two things:

  • If you want to bring freshness to the room, you would want to choose real trees. Usually, real trees can last up to a month if you maintain them well. That’s why if you choose real trees, you have to make sure their condition is in the place you’re buying from.
  • However, if you want to get a re-usable one, artificial trees are a good choice. Some benefits that you get from artificial trees are that you will have various styles to choose whether a normal tree, white, frosted or even the one with built-in lights. It’s also easy to assemble because some of them have each detachable part.

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How to Choose Christmas Trees for Living Rooms 2

Once you’re done with budgeting, it’s time to shop for your preferred trees but first, you have to measure the size of the living room. You don’t want to buy a tree that is too small nor too big for that will only make the area looks cramped and crowded.

Another point that you have to account for buying a tree is the topper or decoration that you will put on top of the tree. If your ceiling is around 9-foot tall and planning to put a 10-inch topper, you will have to choose a 7 to 7,5-foot tree. In this case, the measure is from the base stand to the top.

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How to Choose Christmas Trees for Living Rooms 3

Each tree has its own characteristic including the shape that will create a different look in a room. There are a few shapes that you can choose based on the size of the room:

  • Full: this shape is the most common and classic one that many homeowners choose;
  • Narrow: this shape is a perfect option to choose for smaller rooms like apartments due to its slender shape;
  • Slim: for this one, it’s more compact that will suit tight spaces and corners;
  • Flatback: this one is a space-saving type with a full profile but flat at the back to lean on the wall or corner;
  • Sparse: this shape is perfect if you want to make every ornament stands out since it has spaces between branches.

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How to Choose Christmas Trees for Living Rooms 4

Last but not least is where you will put the tree because again, you have to consider the safety of your family members.

  • It would be best to place the tree far from the fireplace or wobble desk if you’re planning to get a smaller tree.
  • If you want to place it near the fireplace, we recommend using decorative non-flammable candles so it’s safer. The key point is to make the tree looks outstanding without making the living room feel cramped and looks dangerous for children.

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Those are some quick guides that you can use as a reference if you’re going to purchase a Christmas tree to make the special moment becomes more unforgettable. Happy decorating!

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