Backyard Fireplace Ideas

Exhilarating Backyard Fireplace Ideas to Warm Your Outdoor Area

A backyard is one of the parts of a home that many homeowners use to spend heir time with family members and friends. It’s because a backyard is an outdoor space so people can do a lot of activities. Also, a backyard feels less formal than an indoor space like a living room.

One of the home improvement features that you might want to consider to put in the backyard is a fireplace. Of course, people usually find it inside the house in the living room. However, it doesn’t make it looks weird to put in outside. It could be the best choice if you want to make your backyard feels welcoming for the family and the coming guest.

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Below we have compiled some best backyard fireplace that can help you to decide on which style of fireplace that you might like.

Best Backyard Fireplace Ideas

Backyard Fireplace Ideas: Enchanting Rustic Fireplace

Backyard Fireplace Ideas: Enchanting Rustic Fireplace

A rustic concept is one of the best concepts that fit the outdoor area. This exposed brick fireplace with a decorative mirror becomes the focal point that looks really stand out. Covered with vines also gives this fireplace a vintage vibe. To make the area feels cozier, add a sitting set that completes your tea time.

Backyard Fireplace Ideas: Cozy Open Area

Backyard Fireplace Ideas: Cozy Open Area

An open seating area lets everyone enjoy the fresh breeze, especially in the summer. Instead of making a regular tall fireplace, this long and short one looks simple but also stunning. This size of a fireplace is also easier to maintain because it’s still on our reach.

Backyard Fireplace Ideas: Minimalist Brick Fireplace

Backyard Fireplace Ideas: Minimalist Brick Fireplace

Even a minimalist and small fireplace can improve the look of your backyard. A rustic nuance that comes from the exposed bricks and wooden sitting set gives warmth to this outdoor living space. A concrete tile patio is also a good choice to give a sturdy surface for the= furniture.

Backyard Fireplace Ideas: Elegant Neutral Outdoor

Backyard Fireplace Ideas: Elegant Neutral Outdoor

Using neutral shades as the base color is still becoming homeowners’ pick because it gives elegance and cool atmosphere.  This backyard gives a cool yet elegant overall look from the combination of all the elements.

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Backyard Fireplace Ideas 5


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 6


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 7


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 8


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 9

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Haven’t found the one that looks attractive? Don’t worry, just keep scrolling down for more inspirations!

Backyard Fireplace Ideas 10


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 11


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 12


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 13

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Backyard Fireplace Ideas 14


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 15


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 16


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 17


Backyard Fireplace Ideas 18

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Just because a backyard is placed on the back part of the home, doesn’t mean that we don’t need to pay attention to it. On the contrary, since it’s a place that most people will go to when they want to do fun activities, it should feel cozy and welcoming.

Just pick a backyard fireplace idea that suits your style the best and start making your backyard look more attractive now!

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