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Backyard Water Feature Ideas

Backyard Water Feature Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Area Feels Fresher

Decorating an outdoor area like a backyard can be a fun yet tricky job if you don’t choose the right decorations. Each homeowner has their own preference when it comes to decoration features. Some decoration features that are popular among homeowners are garden, gazebo, kid-friendly area, and water feature.

A water feature has many kinds, for example, a swimming pool, pond, fountain, and waterfall. Water features are the best feature that can give relaxing ad calming effect from its sound.

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To give you some inspirations, we have prepared tons of backyard water feature ideas that will make your backyard feel more relaxing and calming.

Best Backyard Water Feature Ideas

Backyard Water Feature Ideas: Captivating Natural Pond

Backyard Water Feature Ideas: Captivating Natural Pond

Other than a swimming pool, a pond is probably one of the most popular water features that many homeowners choose. Choosing a pond is usually for people who love a decorative function more than something to use as a swimming pool. Since it’s an outdoor feature, choosing natural materials like stones or rocks can be the best choice. To make it looks more outstanding, combine it with a tiered waterfall.

Backyard Water Feature Ideas: Relaxing Lazy Spot

Backyard Water Feature Ideas: Relaxing Lazy Spot

Of course, a swimming pool is still a popular water feature that can give both decorative and functional functions. One of the options to decorate the surrounding of the pool is by making a deck or lounge area. With this idea, you can get your own personal resort-like feeling that also looks so inviting to the coming guests.

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Backyard Water Feature Ideas: Simple Mini Fountain

Backyard Water Feature Ideas: Simple Mini Fountain

This idea is suitable for people who want to have a simple water feature that is not too big and space consuming. Instead of making a pond or waterfall, you might want to try this mini fountain. With only three pieces of tile-covered blocks, you get your own unique water feature. To optimize other areas, place it in the corner of the fence and surround it with some greeneries.

Backyard Water Feature Ideas: Decorative Water Garden

Backyard Water Feature Ideas: Decorative Water Garden

Having a big backyard can be a good start to explore all the outdoor features, includes a big pond. A natural fish pond looks so stunning with a bridge feature. This kind of setting gives a fairy tale vibe that catches everyone’s sight. With the combination of rocks and plantations, it makes the backyard looks more eye-catching.

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Don’t miss other ideas that will make you stunned by keep scrolling down this page and find the one that suits your taste!

Backyard Water Feature Ideas 5


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 6


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 7


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 8


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 9


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 10


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 11

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Backyard Water Feature Ideas 12


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 13


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 14


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 15


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 16


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 17


Backyard Water Feature Ideas 18

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Pick the one that suits your taste and start making your own water feature now!

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