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Intimidating Black Bathroom Ideas That’ll Make You Stunned

When it comes to black and its various shades, most people will probably avoid them and prefer not to use it for any room in their house. It’s a bold and strong color that is uncommon to use, especially for indoor rooms. People love to use a brighter shade to brighten the area without worry about additional lightings.

Now, how about using black for a bathroom? Yes, it may make the room becomes darker, especially when a bathroom is an indoor area. It would be better if there’s a big window next to the bathroom so it can help lighten the area with natural lights. It’s quite difficult to decorate a dark room but if you like decorating or mix and match, it would be a fun activity.

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To give some inspiration for a black bathroom, we have prepared some ideas that will help you out to decide. Just check them down below!

Best Bathroom Black Ideas

Bathroom Black Ideas: Modern Contemporary Bathroom

Bathroom Black Ideas: Modern Contemporary Bathroom

Create a modern feeling to your bathroom by using a contemporary concept. In this idea, the materials in black, white, and gray are dominating the whole room. The black tiles in a chevron shape for the floor, white for the sink support, and gray tiles for the lower part of the wall. On the other hand, the rough gray concrete bathtub also gives an industrial look.

Bathroom Black Ideas: Classic Black and White

Bathroom Black Ideas: Classic Black and White

Now, let’s move to the one that we don’t need to colorize it all-black. This bathroom looks really simple with the combination of two different tiles colors and shapes. For the floor, it uses black hexagonal tiles, and for the wall, it uses white herringbone tiles.

Bathroom Black Ideas: Captivating Black Background

Bathroom Black Ideas: Captivating Black Background

Another simple idea that is suitable for people who don’t want to have an all-black bathroom. To give a stunning and contrast look from the freestanding white tub, use a black background in a unique pattern like chevron or others.

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Just keep scrolling down for more breathtaking black bathroom ideas that will awe you!

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bathroom black ideas 13


bathroom black ideas 14

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So, those are some black bathroom ideas that we have picked just for you. It’s indeed a bold and strong color that may look stuffy and give a suffocating feel. However, depends on the material, accent, decor items, and lighting, a black bathroom can be very stunning. For example, using shiny or patterned tiles instead of plain paint, adding wood elements or marble.

A black bathroom may not everyone’s taste but it worths to try. Just pick a black bathroom idea that fits your taste and needs, add it to your dream list, and start considering it now!

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