Bathroom Shelves Ideas

10+ Bathroom Shelves Ideas for More Organized Space

A bathroom is indeed an area that gets wet and dirty easily because it’s the function of it. However, don’t let your bathroom becomes messy and full of clutter here and there because you put tons of stuff unorganized. Just like other rooms, a bathroom needs a multi-functional feature that can help you to keep your bathroom stays neat. One of the simplest features that you can use is by adding shelves, whether a full or floating one.

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Here we will present to you our best choice of bathroom shelves ideas you can steal immediately.

Best Bathroom Shelves Ideas

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Simple Sunken Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 1

If you’re planning to add a dedicated place for the shelves from the start, this one is a great inspiration. Make floating shelves and add some woven baskets for bigger stuff like clean towels.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Standing Ladder Shelf

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 2

If you feel too bothersome to play with nails and hammer to install floating shelves, you might want to spend more on standing ladders or racks. Other than behind the toilet, you can place it in the corner of the bathroom.

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Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Creative Corner Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 3

Make your bathtime stays unbothered by making floating shelves in the corner of the shower area so your toiletries stay in your reach like a body wash, shampoo, conditioner, shower puff, and others.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Minimalist Decorative Shelf

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 4

Other than adding a shelf as toiletries storage, you may use it to place some indoor potted plants to add a fresh ambiance and of course, to make the room looks more decorative.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Stylish Hanging Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 5

For some people, floating shelves may look all over the place so if you don’t want to get this look, try to choose a hanging shelf with a shape and frame that look neater.

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Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Lovely Rustic Ladder

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 6

Choosing a ladder with natural wood material is a great choice to create a natural rustic feeling. To make it works as storage, add some simple iron baskets by using hooks to hang them on them.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Double Standing Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 7

If you tend to put a lot of stuff inside your bathroom, choose bigger shelves like these ones from IKEA. If you have children, you may also add additional storage for their toys.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Stunning Farmhouse Decor

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 8

Another simple idea is to install a floating shelf around a bathtub area to place some items like decorative plants or an aromatherapy diffuser to keep you relaxed and calm.

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Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Chic Cottage Decor

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 9

Again, one of the easiest shelves installation that you can get in a day by yourself. Floating shelves over the toilet with additional baskets are enough to give extra space in the bathroom.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Simple Floating Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Ideas 10

This one is the most common way to add floating shelves when you need extra storage. Installing floating shelves over the toilet can save more space and becomes more decorative.

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Now that you’re done looking at the ideas, it’s your time to add more shelves to your own bathroom now!

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