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Spacious Big Living Room Ideas That You Want to Have

Who doesn’t want to have a big and spacious room in their houses to accommodate their family members? Having a big house with spacious rooms is indeed everyone’s dream because you can put some of your favorite stuff. One of the most common spots in a house that people want to have a big space is a living room

Since a living room is a place to gather around, some people want to have a big room because it will make the coming guest feel comfortable. Sure, a big living room is better because you don’t need to worry to use big furniture. Of course, you still need a good arrangement to make it looks less crowded and stuffy.

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We are sure that you want to see some inspiring big living room ideas that you can use as a reference, so we have compiled some just for you below!

Best Big Living Room Ideas

Big Living Room Ideas: Bright Neutral Room

Big Living Room Ideas: Bright Neutral Room

First of all, a high ceiling is the focal point in this modern living room idea that makes it looks spacious and airy. Moreover, neutral colors like light gray, black, white, and brown make it looks wider and more spacious. For a big and wide room, use a big and flashy chandelier like a crystal or raindrop chandelier or even a spiral one.

Big Living Room Ideas: Simple and Luxurious

Big Living Room Ideas: Simple and Luxurious

Though the arrangement of furniture looks simple, it looks luxurious and dazzling thanks to the color and the modern round chandelier. The arrangement of the sofa itself looks quite simple, classic and formal. However, the gray and dark brown make it looks more elegant and not to mention the fireplace.

Big Living Room Ideas: Sweet Purple Area

Big Living Room Ideas: Sweet Purple Area

This open living room makes the area looks wider and spacious and more stunning by a modern beaded crystal chandelier. White as the base color makes it looks more spacious with the high ceiling. To maintain the simplicity of the room and a bigger look, use a simple sofa instead of a bulky one.

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To see more amazing big living room ideas, keep scrolling down this page!

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Having a big living room is indeed everyone’s dream because it lets you decorate and using big furniture as many as you want. It also feels airier since it’s big and spacious so it doesn’t make the coming guests feel too suffocated. Still, you have to make a note to arrange it in a balanced way so it will look stunning.

If you want to decorate your big living room, just pick the idea that suits your taste and needs, and start redecorating your living room now!

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