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Chic and Cozy Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Who doesn’t like spending their free time in their bedroom while catching their favorite movies and eating a snack? Well, it’s most likely no one hates a bedroom because it’s the best spot to spend free time in joy. No wonder that many homeowners like to create and decorate it based on their taste.

Choosing a certain interior concept will give a different feeling to the whole room and also the mood as well. One of the interior designs that let people explore and let free spirit personality to fill the room with colorful, patterned items, textures, and painting is the Bohemian style.

To learn how to style your bedroom in the bohemian style, check out the examples below that we’ve collected just for you!

Best Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Cozy and Fluffy Room

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Cozy and Fluffy Room

This bedroom makes everyone just want to lay there for all-day while enjoying favorite movies. The combination of a rustic style from the wooden element looks balanced with the patterned blanket in the same shade. This idea looks definitely relaxing with the combination of white and earthy colors.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Never Skip Pattern

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Never Skip Pattern

Just like the basic concept of the Bohemian style itself, the core point is the use of patterned items. Just like this idea that adding patterned items like a rug and blanket complete the Bohemian style. To give a more focal point, place some potted plants to freshen up the room.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Soft Color? Why Not!

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Soft Color? Why Not!

If a bold color looks too intimidating, choosing a softer color is okay. Instead of using a bold color, using earthy color to dominating the bedroom and using the patterned item for the rug and the bed cover can be an alternate option. To add a more decorative look, add a unique-shaped lamp or pendant.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Put Some Layers

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Put Some Layers

Combining shabby chic and Bohemian style gives you an extra charm in the bedroom. The use of soft colors like beige or other earthy colors give a simple effect. The Bohemian style itself is coming from the textured headboard and some layers of fabric.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Don’t Forget Decoration

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas: Don't Forget Decoration

This idea is a good idea to achieve a Bohemian style without decorating the whole room with patterned fabrics and decor items. Even a simple move by hanging patterned fabric in the headboard is enough to give a Bohemian look. Also, instead of a big mandala tapestry, adding a patterned decor item will complete the style.

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Those are some inspiring Bohemian bedroom ideas that look really stunning. It makes you want to stay in the bedroom longer. The Bohemian style lets you decorate with “As long as it looks good to me, then that’s fine!” rule.

Bohemian or boho design incorporates many different colors, patterns, painting ideas, and textures that add a distinct feel to a room. An array of color and prints, varying textures, billowing fabrics and layers of worldly decor, boho style is one of the most fun to create from the ground up.

Decide your favorite colorful Bohemian bedroom ideas and start coloring your bedroom now!

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