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Rustic Cedar Hot Tub Ideas for Natural Atmosphere

When it comes to building or making something, the design is not the only one that can affect the result. Another point that you have to consider is the main material because it also creates a focal point.

One of the materials that you can use as the main material of your hot tub is cedar. This material might be quite expensive but it has good durability. Therefore, it’s not a bad decision to invest your money into something that you will use.

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To give you a closer look at how to get a rustic look hot tub, we have compiled tons of inspiring cedar hot tub ideas just for you below! You can use these ideas for your ultimate reference to create a naturally earthy hot tub.

Best Cedar Hot Tub

Cedar Hot Tub: Earthy Rustic Tub

Cedar Hot Tub: Earthy Rustic Tub

Using cedar as the main material for an outdoor hot tub is a great idea because it blends well with the surrounding. The wood element is dominating the outdoor from a patio, hot tub, and a fence. For people who love the earthy and fresh look, it’s always good to use wood as the main material.

Cedar Hot Tub: Cozy Outdoor Tub

Cedar Hot Tub: Cozy Outdoor Tub

It’s indeed a good decision to build a hot tub in the backyard because it creates a cozier vibe. Again, as the base of the hot tub, you can complete it with a wooden patio or deck so it looks more inviting. The fresh brown color from the cedar looks so relaxing and refreshing.

Cedar Hot Tub: Modern Cedar Tub

Cedar Hot Tub: Modern Cedar Tub

Choosing the right material and place where you will place the hot tub will affect the atmosphere. Just like this idea, install the hot tub indoor and add other decorations that go well with wood. Use another natural element like plantations or greeneries to add more fresh colors like small trees or bamboos.

Cedar Hot Tub: Relaxing Above Ground Tub

Cedar Hot Tub: Relaxing Above Ground Tub

An above-ground concept doesn’t only suitable for a swimming pool but also for a hot tub. This outdoor cedar hot tub looks rusty and kind of vintage because of the color. To give more privacy, you can use your favorite plants as a natural fence or privacy screen.

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Keep scrolling for more naturally beautiful cedar hot tub ideas!

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Choosing cedar as the main material of your hot tub is a great choice, especially if you’re planning to build one outdoor. It might be quite pricey but it’s a great choice if you love a rustic concept. It’s also one of the best materials that have good durability for something that is placed outdoor.

If you are still confused about choosing the best material to build a hot tub, you might want to add cedar on your list. Just pick your favorite cedar hot tub idea that suits your taste and budget, grab your tools, and start making your own cedar hot tub right now!

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