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cozy backyard ideas

Cozy Backyard Ideas You Might Be Interested In

When an indoor living room feels too suffocated and you need a fresher atmosphere, a backyard is the best option you will ever think about. Many homeowners who love nature and all the natural elements will definitely decorate their backyard to look and feel cozier.

Of course, it depends on each homeowner’s preference like adding a water feature, garden or seating area. Adding a seating area in a backyard is probably the most common thing that many people do. In this case, the seating area can be a new ‘living room’, dining room, and even a kitchen.

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For your reference, we have prepared tons of cozy backyard ideas that you can use as your option if you are planning to make your backyard feels cozier.

Best Cozy Backyard Ideas

Cozy Backyard Ideas: Natural Backyard Seating Area

Cozy Backyard Ideas: Natural Backyard Seating Area

Creating a new living room in an outdoor place is one of the best options to create a different feel. The seating area looks simple but captivating with some natural elements like wood and vines plants. A wooden pergola, rattan lamp cover, and privacy screen match well with the contrast gray sofa. To give some textures, add a patterned rug with the same shade.

Cozy Backyard Ideas: Bohemian-Themed Backyard

Cozy Backyard Ideas: Bohemian-Themed Backyard

Texture and pattern are the two characteristics that represent the Bohemian style. For people who like a real cozy atmosphere, you might want to try this idea. Just simply lay a patterned or Moroccan rug on the grass and add other furniture like a table and some plushie. This kind of setting is simple but still, looks stunning from the contrast color of the greeneries and the bold rug.

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Cozy Backyard Ideas: Elegant Seating Area

Cozy Backyard Ideas: Elegant Seating Area

This seating area looks really pretty with the combination of dark wood and a white fence. Installing a pergola s one of everyone’s favorite to beautify their outdoor living space. The wood is dominating the whole are from a pergola to the floor. Mixing it with a lighter shade like white, beige or gray can be a good option to make it looks contrast in an elegant way.

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Keep scrolling down for more cozy backyard ideas that will amaze you!

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Making a cozy backyard is a great simple investment that you can do to add some charming points to your outdoor living space. It can either be a dining area, kitchen or even just a simple seating place. To add a more beautiful look, you can also add another decoration or outdoor features like a patio, pergola, and others.

If you feel that your backyard feels or looks less lively, maybe it’s time for you to redecorate and change the atmosphere now!

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