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Dazzling Formal Living Room Ideas for Stylish Space

A living room is a place where you can enjoy your precious time with family members and friends. Therefore, people want to make it feels as cozy as possible because you don’t want to make people feel awkward either from the general concept to decorations.

One of the most modern home decors that you can use is a formal style. Formal rooms are filled with pieces of furnishing and decor that are the height of elegance. There are some points that you might want to take note when decorating a formal living room from the ceiling, flooring, furniture, lighting, and the use of color.

To help you plan your room, check out these formal living room ideas that we’ve prepared just for you.

Best Formal Living Room Ideas

Formal Living Room Ideas: Elegant Living Room

Formal Living Room Ideas: Elegant Living Room

If you have a high ceiling, then it can be a good first investment to make your living room look breathtaking. Neutral colors like white and beige are the best colors to use if you want to create an elegant finish look. As for the seating area, you don’t always need a sectional seat and you can try using a sofa, chair, and other simple seats. If you feel it looks too plain, you can add a patterned and textured curtain and rug. One more thing is for lighting, you might want to consider placing a living room next to the window, especially if you have glass windows.

Formal Living Room Ideas: Stunning Black and White

Formal Living Room Ideas: Stunning Black and White

Well, some people may think that the black and white era is over and it’s too old-fashioned. However, in fact, a minimalist or monochromatic concept still has its own place in a minimalist style enthusiast. This furniture arrangement is a good reference if you feel tired with an L-shaped sectional seating area and want to make an extraordinary one. Instead of using a big table, you can get a smaller one. As for the lighting, you can also use some unique pendants or simple chandelier either with the same color or other soft colors.

Formal Living Room Ideas: Classy Golden Room

Formal Living Room Ideas: Classy Golden Room

This idea is the representation of how to mix and match one color with another. The combination of white furniture and golden mirror frame looks really dazzling. You don’t need a big sofa and replace it with a smaller one. To balance the room with some simple decorations, place desk and standing lamps on each side. Another way is adding a simple patterned rug to give texture without worry to ruin the overall look.

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Those are some beautiful formal living room ideas that you can use as your ultimate reference if you want to get an elegant living room. It’s definitely a good move to make a cozy space for the coming guest and yourself. This living room concept is quite easy to achieve as long as you keep the balance of each element.

Say goodbye to your plain living room and start making your living room becomes more stylish with a formal style now!

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