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Make Your Kitchen Shine with These Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Decorating every room in a house will always exciting because you can explore various ideas, concepts, colors, and materials. When it comes to a kitchen, you don’t want to make it looks less attractive than other rooms just because it’s a room in the ‘back’. Just like other rooms, you want to make it looks stunning and inviting.

We know that nowadays, a kitchen is a place where you use to gather, communicate, and eat with your loved ones. One of the ways that you can use to make your kitchen looks stunning is by using tiles. You can use it whether for the backsplash or the floor that can be easily spotted by everyone.

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To give you some inspiration on the usage of tiles in a kitchen, we have collected dozens of kitchen tiles ideas just for you below!

Best Kitchen Tiles Ideas

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Unique Lantern Tiles

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Unique Lantern Tiles

This lantern shape tile looks indeed very unique because the shade looks different from a normal herringbone one. This shape is a good choice if you want to have an outstanding kitchen with a unique shape. The white color enhances an elegant look that this kitchen gives from the wooden cabinets and white marble on the countertop.

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Elongated Hexagon Tiles

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Elongated Hexagon Tiles

Another unique-looking tile that will make your kitchen looks stunning. Instead of regular hexagonal tiles, use an elongated version to give a contemporary and modern look. As for the color, choose the one that you like so it can be a bright or muted one. Also, if you choose a muted color, you might one to choose the one with a shiny surface so it will reflect the lights.

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Herringbone and Hexagon Tiles

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Herringbone and Hexagon Tiles

It’s okay to use a different style and shape for each area in a kitchen. In this image, regular white tiles are arranged in a herringbone style. Meanwhile, it uses hexagonal tiles for the floor in various shades and in a unique way. This definitely gives a different charm that will attract people’s attention.

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Don’t worry, there are still some kitchen tiles ideas that you can find below so just keep scrolling!

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Well, those are some kitchen tiles ideas that we hope can help you to narrow down your option when choosing new tiles for your kitchen or if you are planning to use tiles as the decoration. Yes, tiles come in various shapes and patterns so you need to take some considerations when choosing them based on your needs.

Just choose kitchen tiles idea that suits your taste, needs, and budget and start decorating your kitchen with tiles now!

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