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Awesome Black Living Room Ideas You Might Want to Have

Not only the decor items and furniture but color will also have an effect to create a certain look in a room. When it comes to decorating a living room, most homeowners will choose a bright shade rather than a dark one. It’s because a living room is a place to gather around with family members so they don’t want to make it feels suffocated.

Now, how about using a dark color like black as the base shade? Of course, not many people want or maybe never in their mind to use black as the main color. Using black can be just for a certain part of the area or we call it an accent or for a full room. We know that when you use black, you need to make it balance with another brighter color and decorative items.

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No worries, we have compiled some black living room ideas that will ready to blow your mind!

Best Living Room Black Ideas

Living Room Black Ideas: Black and White

Living Room Black Ideas: Black and White

Yes. here are two monochromatic colors that will always be the best combination ever. As the explanation above that using black doesn’t need to be for the full room but instead as an accent. The black sofa and some parts of the wall look good with a white area rug. An empire chandelier also enhances the elegance in this room.

Living Room Black Ideas: Black Accent Shelves

Living Room Black Ideas: Black Accent Shelves

Keep the black part just for furniture that is on the side just like these shelves. The whole room itself is dominated with white and to make it looks warmer, add wooden elements or colors like woven baskets, brown-leathered sofa, and table.

Living Room Black Ideas: Masculine Black Room

Living Room Black Ideas: Masculine Black Room

If you want to use black for the whole room, you might want to use this idea. from the seat, rug, ceiling, and wall are all in black. One thing that you might want to use to brighten it up is by adding a shiny color like a golden chandelier.

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living room black ideas 5


living room black ideas 6


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living room black ideas 8

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Just keep scrolling down to see more bold and stylish black living room ideas!

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living room black ideas 10


living room black ideas 11


living room black ideas 12


living room black ideas 13

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living room black ideas 15


living room black ideas 16


living room black ideas 17


living room black ideas 18

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Those are some black living room that you can consider to copy if you are planning to use black as the main color of your living room. It looks boldly dark indeed but you can use it just an accent to give a different touch instead. Also, make sure to have enough lightings and bright decor items to brighten it.

If black is your spirit color and you would love to use it in a living room, just pick the best black living room idea that you like and start changing your living room color in black now!

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