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Make a Neat Spot with These Living Room Shelves Ideas

A living room is a place where people can see who you are, your personality, hobby, and interest. There are various ways and places to showcase your interest and one of them is a living room. Showcasing your interest in a living room can be achieved by installing open shelves.

Of course, a shelf doesn’t only work as a media to show your favorite things but also keep the room clutter-free. Instead of hanging the decor items directly to the wall, you can use shelves and put them on it in a unique way.

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Best Living Room Shelves Ideas

Living Room Shelves Ideas: Simple Decorative Shelves

Living Room Shelves Ideas: Simple Decorative Shelves

To fill and make a living room looks more decorated, make floating shelves to place some decorations. Decor items can be something that is related to you or just simply a decoration like painting, figurines, desk clock or anything else that to beautify the plain wall.

Living Room Shelves Ideas: Stunning Single Shelf

Living Room Shelves Ideas: Stunning Single Shelf

If you don’t really like to install a few shelves because it may look too much, then a single shelf is the right choice. Install a single floating shelf to put something that you like books, paintings, decorative framed quotes, indoor plants such as cactus or succulent, and other items that function as a decoration.

Living Room Shelves Ideas: Stunning Bookshelves Background

Living Room Shelves Ideas: Stunning Bookshelves Background

Book enthusiasts will definitely need extra large and big storage to put their treasure. If another storage is full and you need more space, why not using your living room space as your own library room. Instead of filling up the wall with decorations, you can use your book collections as the background of the room and also attract people who have the same interest as you.

Living Room Shelves Ideas: Breathtaking Showcase

Living Room Shelves Ideas: Breathtaking Showcase

This built-in open shelves with some partitions can be a great option to put all of your favorite things like books, antique vases, ceramics, painting, photos, and other items. Use this idea to create a bigger space and display more stuff not only to organize your things but also make them as decorations that people can see.

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Keep scrolling down for more adorable and functional living room shelves to showcase your interest!

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By installing shelves, you don’t only make the room looks neat but also beautiful because you can put your favorite things on it. There are also various ways to install a shelf that you can try like above the sofa, next to the TV or other styles based on the landscape of your living room.

Decorating a living room with shelves can be a good focal point that attracts other’s attention. Choose your favorite shelves idea and start installing one in your living room now!

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