Simple Bathroom Ideas

Stunning Simple Bathroom Ideas You Would Love to Have

When it comes to a bathroom, some homeowners treat it as something serious since it’s a private room for themselves. Of course, it also includes the one for the guest because no matter the size or concept, it’s still one of the important rooms in a house. For people with a small or minimalist house, a simple bathroom still works to optimize every inch of the area.

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Below we have a few ideas for a simple bathroom that you can add to your home improvement list right away!

Best Simple Bathroom Ideas

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Simple Attic Bathroom

Simple Bathroom Ideas 1

If you have a spot in the attic and want to turn it into a bathroom, this idea can be a good example. Since it’s an attic spot, you can easily get natural light to brighten the space. Also, instead of a bathtub, you can just install a shower area.

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Sleek Modern Look

Simple Bathroom Ideas 2

Do you have a small area? You can design the bathroom with this layout where you push all features to the wall and empty the hall. The floating vanity also helps to create a more spacious illusion of the room since the floor is clear.

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Simple Bathroom Ideas: Stunning Bright Look

Simple Bathroom Ideas 3

The combination of white, black, and gray is a good reference if you’re bored of black and white or all-white concepts. The alcove or built-in bathtub with a shower saves more space and you can add a marble top for the vanity as well.

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Modern Concept

Simple Bathroom Ideas 4

In this idea, the bathroom is filled with a few accents and textures that come from tiles, marbles, glass, and mirrors. This combination definitely looks beautifully balanced and completes each other so well.

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Mesmerizing Modern Farmhouse

Simple Bathroom Ideas 5

This modern farmhouse concept looks beautiful and fresh that matches well with the bathroom’s nuance that will freshen your day. The combination of tiled and untiled areas looks perfectly done and compliments each other well.

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Simple Bathroom Ideas: Fresh Accent Wall

Simple Bathroom Ideas 6

Although the bathroom has a small and narrow area but is still functional because it has some essential features like a toilet and shower area. To bring a focal point, you can use colored tiles for the wet area so it looks more catchy.

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Adorable Muted Colors

Simple Bathroom Ideas 7

Muted or neutral colors like these make the bathroom looks brighter and fresher, especially with natural light on the side. Also, the tiles that cover the wall and floor give a pretty decorative look with very subtle accents.

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Breathtaking Luxurious Nuance

Simple Bathroom Ideas 8

If you love something elegant, this idea is a great book to cheat from. A modern bathtub, white marble, natural wood, and accent tiles bring a dazzling finish. Moreover, huge walls and life-sized mirrors really catch the attention.

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Simple Bathroom Ideas: Practical Small Bathroom

Simple Bathroom Ideas 9

For people who have a narrow bathroom, you can try placing the bathtub in the corner and installing the vanity right next to it. Of course, choosing a bathtub with square corners will be better than a round one since it’s easier to fit.

Simple Bathroom Ideas: Chic Industrial Design

Simple Bathroom Ideas 10

The industrial concept is something that suits those who love a raw finish looking like raw concrete and mixing it with iron, brick, wood, steel, and glass.

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Now you don’t have to worry about having a small spot because even simple bathrooms will still be alright as long as you include the main features.

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