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Adorable Small Kitchen Ideas for Your Inspiration

As the hub and busiest part of the house, a kitchen is a place where you can do a lot of things from cooking a meal and exploring new menus. It’s one of the places that can be a media to make you get closer to people. For people who love cooking, a kitchen is literally their playground for playing around. However, how does it feel to have a small kitchen when you want to do a lot of activities?

Yes, decorating a small kitchen can be a difficult and tricky task because you have to take note of many things. For example, choosing the right color to furniture size so it makes the kitchen looks more spacious. Usually, bright color like white helps to create a wider effect. Also, the help of natural light also plays a big role to enhance a wider effect.

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To give you inspiration on how to create a captivating small kitchen, we have prepared some small kitchen ideas just for you below!

Best Small Kitchen Ideas

Small Kitchen Ideas: Simply Elegant Kitchen

Small Kitchen Ideas: Simply Elegant Kitchen

White is the best color to make a small kitchen looks more spacious. Just like this idea, white is dominating the space with a textured tile for the backsplash. As for countertop, use wood material to cover it which still looks bright and warm. To give good ventilation, install a window that will also help to give enough natural light. If there’s an empty spot, use it to make storage or floating shelves to put some items.

Small Kitchen Ideas: Classy Rose Gold

Small Kitchen Ideas: Classy Rose Gold

Who said that you can’t use a dark color for a small spot? You can still use a darker shade as long as you make it balance with a brighter shade. Black floating shelves look really good together with the rose gold pendants and the gray wall. To tone it down, use white furniture for the cabinets or other furniture that will make it looks slightly brighter.

Small Kitchen Ideas: Airy All-White

Small Kitchen Ideas: Airy All-White

If there’s empty space in the cabinets, use it as extra storage to put some bulky kitchenware or rarely used items. Also, use an empty spot in the corner to install open wooden open shelves whether to put ingredients or indoor potted plants as decorations.

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It might be trickier to decorate a small kitchen but the best thing is that you can make it looks neat all the time. First of all, choose a bright color like white to give a spacious effect. For the backsplash part, you can use a darker shade if you are worried about it gets dirty. Second, give enough lighting to give complementary help to make it looks brighter.

Third, avoid installing bulky kitchenware or put bigger device inside. Last but not least, optimize every empty space to make storage to put unused items. You can also create an open kitchen plan to avoid more space-consuming features.

Pick the best small kitchen idea that suits your taste and start decorating your adorable petite kitchen now!

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