Why are Shower Cabins and Cubicles an Optimum Choice? A Look at Their Complete Benefits

The shower cabin or enclosure has become a huge hit with homeowners, especially in the UK, where bathroom space can be a premium. The bathroom has indeed become smaller than ever, and it can be tricky to ensure that you have ample shower space. Building a shower enclosure from the ground up can be expensive and difficult, and this is perhaps one major reason why more people are opting for pre-built shower cabins and cubicles instead. But why else are shower cabins and cubicles an optimum choice? Here’s a look at their complete benefits.

They are easy to maintain and clean

Since these shower cabins are compact and come with waterproofing features, they are easy to maintain and clean. But it’s not only this that makes them a low-maintenance alternative to the traditional shower. Some units have features such as glass that is easy to clean, and since they are leak-proof, you don’t have to worry about any water from the shower getting onto the bathroom floors. And when you do have to clean your shower cubicle, it’s not a difficult matter – all you need is a spray bottle with soap and water, spray this on the glass and floor, sponge it, rinse it with water, and you’re set.

They are more hygienic

Here’s another thing about shower cabins that make them a great choice, especially for those who are worried about mould and mildew. Since a shower cabin doesn’t come with tiles, there is no grout to contend with, and we all know that mould can more easily build up on grouting. With a traditional shower enclosure covered in tiles, you have to make sure that the tiles and grout are clean, and this can entail a lot of effort. But with a shower cabin, the buildup of mildew and mould is all but eliminated – which makes them a more hygienic option as well.

They are easy to set up

Once you have your chosen shower cubicle or cabin and it’s delivered to you, all you have to do is set it up. And setting it up is an easy matter because it just needs to be connected to your existing electricity and water supply. Once it’s connected, you can use it. It’s that easy. Unlike traditional shower enclosures which can take days, even weeks, to build and which require a number of tradesmen to design and create, your shower cabin can be used on the same day you install it.

They provide you with more space in your bathroom

As mentioned, bathroom space is precious. And with a shower cubicle or enclosure, you are freed from worrying about space in your bathroom as well. Units come in different sizes, and there are various shapes from which you can choose, too. This can then provide you with more space for other bathroom essentials, and there are units that also have built-in shelving, which allows you to free up the clutter in your bathroom even further.

They come with varied features

Best of all, for their affordable price, shower cabins come with varied features. These features can be quite amazing – from overhead rain showerheads to aromatherapy to chromatherapy (special mood lighting) and even massage jets. You can have it all with a shower cabin, and your shower experience will undoubtedly be transformed.

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