How to Beautify a Backyard with Fairy Lights

How to Beautify a Backyard with Fairy Lights in 5 Ways

Beautifying your outdoor space can be a great start to making it becomes more eye-catching and cozier. Every homeowner has their own way to make their backyard feel and looks comfortable. Of course, when it comes to decoration items, it depends on personal preference. One of the items that you can use to beautify your backyard is fairy lights that are easy to find, affordable, and have various styles.

How to Beautify a Backyard with Fairy Lights

Measure the Surface

How to Beautify a Backyard with Fairy Lights 1

You have to measure the surface you will be hanging the fairy lights because you have to purchase the one with the correct length. Measuring the surface will also help you to know whether you need an extended cord or not. Also, you can plan to install them near the electricity outlet so it’s important to measure the needed surface and plan the installation shape.

Minimalist Decorative Look

How to Beautify a Backyard with Fairy Lights 2

This one is another simple way to hang fairy lights because you will only need to hang the other side of the tree or a post and spread the rest to the ceiling. If you want to create your own post, the steps are:

  • This step is optional for you who want to make the bucket or planter look more colorful, you can use paint to colorize it and do this step before everything to make your work easier.
  • Make a concrete mix by following the manufacturer’s instructions to know the amount that you need.
  • Once the mixing is done, place the post in the middle of the buckets or planters and fill it in with the mix.
  • You can use another support to make sure that the processed supports are even until they dry.
  • Once they’re dry, attach hooks or nails to hang the string lights.

Use the Fence

How to Beautify a Backyard with Fairy Lights 3

Using the fence as the base surface to hang the fairy lights is another simple way to decorate your backyard with minimal effort. For you who have a wood or vinyl fence, this step can be very easy to do because these fence types have posts and planks. The tools you will need are hooks or nails and the steps are:

  • Use hooks or nails as supports to connect from one post to another.
  • Use a hammer to fasten each support and you’re ready to hang string lights along your backyard fence.

Upgrading Outdoor Feature

How to Beautify a Backyard with Fairy Lights 4

For homeowners who have an outdoor dining or sitting area, it’s usually completed with a pergola to protect the area. Again, you can optimize this feature to make your backyard looks more outstanding.

  • Please make sure of the layout of the pergola or patio cover and the distance from the outlet.
  • You can make a raw draft of your preferred design or shape of the installation to make sure everything.
  • It’s indeed much easier to have supports to hang the string lights but if it’s not available, you can use hooks or nails as additional supports.

Dreamy Trees

How to Beautify a Backyard with Fairy Lights 5

Trees are another surface that you can use to hang fairy lights because you can just simply hang them as you want. There are various ways how to install it whether you want to hang them along the branches, cover the trunk, or just simply spread them and create a rainfall shape.

We hope that this article can inspire you and it’s time for you to make your own oasis in your backyard now!

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