How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh

8 Tips On How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh

A stinky bathroom is definitely not the kind of bathroom that you want to have. There are a few causes that can make a bathroom smells bad from a damp atmosphere to piled debris on the bathroom sink and drain. Sometimes we might think that our bathroom looks clean but it doesn’t guarantee that the whole bathroom is clean from bad odor. You also don’t want to leave a bad impression on the coming guests by having a smelly bathroom.

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh

Clean Regularly

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh 1
  • Throwing away wet and damp towels that you can do every day after a shower. This is the simplest and easiest step you can do on a daily basis. (Read also:
    towel decoration for bathroom)
  • Cleaning thoroughly around the toilet, sink, vanity, and other spots. It definitely helps a lot to keep the bathroom clean and away from bad smells.
  • Checking if there is a leak or damp area that is possible to manifest mold and bad smells.

Good Ventilation

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh 2
  • If you have a big window, you’re lucky to have a good ventilation system because natural fresh air can fill in your entire bathroom.
  • Every time you are done with the shower, open your window, close the door, and let new air into the bathroom.
  • If you have an exhaust fan, you can turn it on for a few minutes after the shower to make all the moisture away and the bathroom becomes dry.

Automatic Air Freshener

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh 3

If ventilating is not enough, use air freshener products for more effect. There are various types of air freshener products out there that you can choose from spray to solid forms. One of the popular products is an automatic air freshener.

This product comes with a timer that you can set to spread its product with a range time between 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and an hour.

Reed Diffuser

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh 4

Reed diffusers become a popular item nowadays because of their various scents depending on each note: relaxing, refreshing, and calming. Make sure that it’s placed in a safe spot that is far from the shower. Some spots that you can consider:

  • On top of the toilet
  • Above the bathtub (if there’s a shelf)
  • Next to the window, door, or exhaust fan (where the air flows)
  • On the dry area (vanity)

Essential Oils

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh 5

There are some ways to use this product:

  • Put it in a diffuser
  • Place it in a higher spot
  • Put a few drops in the toilet tank. This way you can get an instant good smell when flushing the toilet.

Bathroom Sink

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh 6
  • One of the simplest ways to clean the sink is by using boiling water and pouring it into the sink drain.
  • You can also mix it with a lemon squeeze, vinegar, or baking soda.
  • Make sure that there are no leaks from the bottom part of the sink that becomes the source of moisture in the bathroom.

Bathroom Drains

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh 7

Some methods that you can do to clean the drain are:

  • Dilute boiling water and salt to pour into the drains.
  • Mixing boric acid and water to take away all the debris that might stop the drain.
  • Using a hair clipper to take out some hairs that piling up in the drain may cause a bad odor.
  • Bathroom drains usually have a stopper that closes the drain area and you will also need to clean this feature because sometimes there are a lot of things that are stuck in the stopper.

Good Bath Mats

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Smell Fresh 8

Using a good bath mat with a super absorbent feature can help to decrease the moisture that can make your bathroom smell bad. Investing in a good bath mat will never disappoint you to get an extra dry surface since you’re not letting any bacteria grow faster around a damp and humid ambiance.

Now it’s time for you to make your own bathroom smell good by trying out one of these steps!

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