How to Maintain Hot Tub Filters

How to Maintain Hot Tub Filters in 4 Simple Steps

For hot tub owners, it comes as no surprise that every time someone enters the hot tub, the lotions, makeup, hair, sweat, and body fluids come with them and run off into the water, even after showering. The hot tub filter is one of the most critical parts to remove any contaminants in the water that may affect the water’s quality. Keeping a spa filter clean can have benefits that you may have not assumed including better efficiency and increased jet power.

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If it’s your first time cleaning a hot tub filter, we have your back with this easy tutorial!

How to Maintain Hot Tub Filters


Prepare the hot tub filter cleaning solution. Have your hot tub filter cleaning solution ready so you can quickly put the filter in after removing it from your spa.


Please make sure that you turn off the power first because running a hot tub without filters may cause clogged pump impellers and water quality issues.

  • Turn off the power that is usually placed on the bottom side of the hot tub. In this case, you have to check the manual guides.
  • Once the power is off, you can start removing the filter.


If this is your first time cleaning your spa’s filter or you need a refresher, refer to your hot tub’s manual. It will tell you your filter’s location along with directions for safe removal.

  • Once you remove the filter, check it to see if there’s a problem.
  • If the filter is discolored or has any visible damage, dispose of it and replace it with a new filter.

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There are three ways to clean hot tub filters based on the filter’s condition.

1. Quick Rinse (Weekly)

This option is the quickest way to clean your filter as a weekly process to keep away debris and chemical contaminants.

  • Clean the filters thoroughly by using a garden hose or in a large sink.
  • Be sure to spread apart from each pleat and rinse well between them to get any dirt, hair, or other debris out.
  • Allow the filter to dry before putting it back into the spa.

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2. Chemical Rinse/Spray (Monthly)

A quick rinse can be done monthly or fortnightly depending on hot tub usage.

  • Give the filter a quick rinse to remove large debris.
  • Spray the hot tub filter solution and wait for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Please check the manufacturer’s instructions to see the concentrate that must be diluted.
  • After 10 – 15 minutes, rinse it thoroughly with clean water. If you do not rinse thoroughly, you will experience foaming.

3. Deep Clean (every 3-4 months)

This way is the slowest but the most thorough one as it allows the solution to soak into the filter’s pleats. You can do this step when you’re draining and refilling the water which also ideally happens for 3 – 4 months.

  • By using a large and clean bucket, pour the soak solution and dilute it with water according to the instructions.
  • Put the filter inside the bucket and make sure that it’s completely submerged.
  • Leave the filter to soak for at least 8 hours but you can also leave it for 24 hours.
  • Once the time is over, rinse the filter thoroughly with clean water.
  • Wait until the filter dries before putting it back in the hot tub.

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Now, check your hot tub filters and clean them immediately!

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