3 Tips for Owning a Big Dog in a Small Space

Big dogs come with a long list of requirements, which is why most people who live in apartments or smaller homes are reluctant to get big dog breeds as pets, opting instead for more manageable options like cats, smaller dogs, or gerbils. However, what if you own a big dog, but are now forced to move to a smaller place?

Some pet owners may face unexpected circumstances that require them to rehome their pets, but if your new home is okay with you keeping the dog, there’s no need to worry about a thing. If you’ve been wondering about whether it’s still possible to keep a big dog happy if you’ve relocated to a smaller space, then you’re in luck. Here are some tips on keeping your pet well cared for now that you’re living in a tiny house.

  1. Modify your home to be more amenable to your dog

While housing a big dog in a small house isn’t ideal, there are still ways you can customise the space to make it easier on both of you. If you used to live in a big house in the suburbs, you would’ve bathed your dog in the front or backyard. If you’re now living in an apartment, you can install a walk in bath to serve as a place you can bath your dog easily and with little mess. A walk in bath allows your dog to get in and out without having to leap over the edge of the tub, so you can get a model with high walls to minimise the mess caused by splashing. Another thing you can do is to give your dog as much space as possible by rearranging your furniture or selling some of it, so you get as much floor space as possible.


  1. Give them adequate exercise

Another way to keep your dog from getting restless and turning to destructive behaviour is to ensure they get plenty of exercises. If they’ve burned off most of their energy running in a dog park or taking a walk, you can guarantee that they’ll be calmer and more manageable indoors. If you have the option, pick an apartment close to a dog-friendly park, so your dog can spend mornings playing and burning off their excess energy.

  1. Train your dog to adjust to the new home

A new, smaller home may come as a shock to your dog, especially if they’re used to having a yard to poop and run around in. Before moving, train your dog to get used to things like elevators, stairways, and using pee pads or indoor grass patches.

There are plenty of other challenges you could encounter when living with a big dog in an apartment, but as long as you’re resolute about keeping your pet happy, you should find ways to sidestep any hurdle you come across. Pay attention to your pet’s needs. If you can still manage to meet them adequately, there should be no problem adjusting to apartment life together.

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