Advantages of Using Fitted Wardrobes Over Free-Standing Wardrobes

As you research more on storage spaces for your new home or renovation project, you have a tough decision to make choosing between fitted wardrobes or free-standing storage units. For a quick fix, most people find free-standing wardrobes to be convenient. All you have to do is choose, pay, and the delivery team brings it to your doorstep. However, you immediately start experiencing challenges of space maximization and functionality. Also called built-in or bespoke wardrobes, fitted wardrobes take longer to install. Even so, they come with numerous benefits as you will see below.

Maximizing space

Fitted wardrobes allow for customization to fit any space, L-shaped corners, surrounding windows, and any other awkward space you would wish to maximize. Your creativity is in no way limited, enabling you to experiment with unique layouts in your bedrooms. You enjoy maximum space without making your rooms look overcrowded. Fitted wardrobes make small rooms seem bigger. Adding mirrors at strategic points helps to reflect light and increase the illusion of a larger room.

Customizing configurations

At, you are part of the fitted wardrobe design process. The designing of the internal features is with the intended use in mind. You determine how much space is set aside as storage boxes, hanger space, and any other specific need. You can also incorporate fitted lighting for dark corners and rooms. In instances where you share a room with a spouse, space is divided and designed differently to suit each person’s needs.

You choose materials and personalize finishes

Free-standing wardrobes are designed with precise aesthetics that impress you from afar. This aspect sometimes overshadows quality, strength, and durability. Sometimes you pick one only to find the colour is slightly different from the finishes at home. To avoid all these disappointments, consider installing fitted wardrobes. You choose the material you can afford, and the finishes are synchronized with the surrounding furnishings to create a flawless effect.

Cleaning is easier 

The spaces between free-standing wardrobes and walls accumulate a lot of hidden dirt and cobwebs over time. Cleaning these spaces is tedious as it requires much physical activity. Fitted wardrobes eliminate the unused space, leaving you with open areas that are easily reachable when cleaning.

Up-to-date designs

If you are building a new house, fitted wardrobes will give you value for your money. You will have multiple up-to-date designs to choose from. Adjustments and renovation in the future are quick and easy, as opposed to free-standing wardrobes where you have to discard and replace.

Increase house sale value

Fitted wardrobes are a lifetime investment. You not only enjoy maximum functionality but also an increased value for your house if you ever decide to sell. Rooms without in-built wardrobes look small, plain, and unappealing. Most people would prefer to buy and move into a home that has storage issues already sorted.

The above advantages indicate why most property developers prefer fitted wardrobes over free-standing storage units. Though they cost more and installation takes more time, they are worth each penny and the time you spend.

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