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Attic Bedroom Ideas for Your Modern House

There are various ways to make your bedroom looks and feels cozier because it will affect your sleep quality. There’s nothing happier than spending your leisure time while enjoying your favorite snack and watch TV series on the bed. One of the methods to make your bedroom feels cozy but also has extra privacy is by placing it in the attic.

Instead of keeping it unused and becomes a dusty, you can use it as a bedroom. Installing an attic bedroom can help you to achieve some purposes like space-saving, extra privacy, and modern looking. This method is suitable for you who have a small house and space to keep your stuff. By using this method, you can have more privacy since it’s placed on the upper part of your house.

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To give you the ultimate reference on how to decorate an attic bedroom beautifully, we’ve prepared some inspiring attic bedroom ideas below just for you!

Best Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Keep It Simple

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Keep It Simple

An attic is usually narrow so you would want to put any smaller and simpler furniture with a neutral color. Instead of using a bulky headboard and big desk, put a smaller bed and desk with neutral colors like brown and white. Also, since lighting is also important, use a simple pendant or chandelier.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Use Neutral Colors

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Use Neutral Colors

Some people may think that an attic is a scary place and not suitable to use for a room aside from storage. However, if you decorate it beautifully, it can be a cozy place to stay. This idea may suitable for people who have twins or simply a brother or sister and want to get an attic bedroom. Again, use neutral colors like white, gray or brown to lighten up the room. If there’s a window, place the bed next to it and add pendants as complementary lighting.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Add Some Fun

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Add Some Fun

If an all-white room looks too plain, then add some of your favorite stuff like painting, rug, cushions, pillows, or even flowers. Having an all-white room makes it easier to put any color as an addition because it blends well with other colors. To give extra lighting, you can install the glass window on one side and above the headboard.

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Just keep scrolling for more beautiful and inspiring attic bedroom ideas!

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Well, it’s indeed quite tricky to decorate an attic bedroom because you have to take attention to any detail to make your bedroom less crowded. You might want to take consideration of opting out big and bulky furniture and make it as simple as possible.

Now, pick your favorite attic bedroom idea based on your taste, needs, and the condition of your space, and start decorating your attic bedroom!

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