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Grey Bedroom Ideas for Elegant Look

When it comes to choosing a paint color to colorize a room, there are tons of beautiful color that you can choose. Well, practically, choosing a color has nothing to do with the current trend because it’s a personal taste and every homeowner can choose any color that suits their preference. Each color is charming and makes a different effect to the room which will also affect your mood.

A neutral color is one of the best color shades that is often used to create a minimalist and simple look to a room. A minimalist or monochromatic concept is usually represented with color like black, white or beige. However, have you ever thought of using grey as the main color for your bedroom? Some people may think that using grey makes a room looks dark and feels gloomy, however, on the contrary, it makes the room looks elegant and simple.

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For more detailed and inspiring grey bedroom ideas, we’ve compiled tons of amazing grey bedroom design that will change your perception about grey below.

Best Grey Bedroom Ideas

Grey Bedroom Ideas: Elegant and Cozy

Grey Bedroom Ideas: Elegant and Cozy

Since grey is a part of a neutral shade, you can always mix it with other colors either from the same neutral shade or other colors to soften it. This idea of a bedroom that is dominated with black, white, and grey suits the minimalist concept. Add a textured rug and some paintings to give texture and color to the room so it doesn’t look too plain.

Grey Bedroom Ideas: Soften with Wood

Grey Bedroom Ideas: Soften with Wood

Instead of using grey as the main color and dominate a big place in a room, you can use it as the complementary color for certain items like a pillow cover or blanket. To soften the color, use a softer and warmer color like brown from that you can choose for floor and ceiling. Another choice is by letting the exposed bricks in their natural brown-terracotta color.

Grey Bedroom Ideas: Add Texture and Pattern

Grey Bedroom Ideas: Add Texture and Pattern

This bedroom is filled with grey here and there from the wallpaper, rug, bed cover, pillows, and dresser. A patterned dark grey wallpaper beautifies the room which blends well with other neutral colors. You can choose various options to make it looks softer like adding a desk lamp, pendant or simple sconces with white or gold light.

Grey Bedroom Ideas: Bold and Solid Concrete

Grey Bedroom Ideas: Bold and Solid Concrete

If you’re planning to make your bedroom in grey naturally, just let your concrete as it is and make it smoother. Three white-bulb pendants somehow help brighten up the room and also being decorative items. As mentioned above, since grey is a neutral color, you can combine it with other colors like black and navy.

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Keep scrolling for more inspiring and beautifully designed grey bedroom ideas!

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Now, just pick your best pick of grey bedroom ideas and start adding grey shade in your bedroom for a more minimalist and elegant look!

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