Dining Room Lighting Ideas

10+ Striking Dining Room Lighting Ideas That’ll Mesmerize You

No matter how beautiful your dining room is, it will look less inviting if it’s dark. It’s because you want to see the food and the people you are having a meal with. That’s why you need lighting to brighten up your dining room. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a huge chandelier because you have to match it with the size of the dining room, dining table, and the general concept of the room.

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To give you some inspiration, we have gathered some dining room lighting that can help you to choose the best one.

Best Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining Room Lighting: Elegant Farmhouse Concept

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 1

When it comes to a dining room with a farmhouse style, you can choose a linear farmhouse lighting fixture or like this globe chandelier. To blend with the size of the dining table, you might use two lighting fixtures or a big linear one.

Dining Room Lighting: Stunning Classic Chandelier

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 2

This dining room in an all-white style looks so stunning and gives a farmhouse and rustic vintage vibe from the wooden dining set. To complete the look and the formal vibe, a candle chandelier can be a good choice.

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Dining Room Lighting: Beautiful Modern Look

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 3

A modern dining room suits a modern chandelier as well so this crystal chandelier looks perfect in this minimalist dining room. Especially with the same gold accent from the chair legs and the chandelier part.

Dining Room Lighting: Modern Lighting Fixture

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 4

A silver chandelier with a candle holder looks perfect in this formal dining room. It’s also perfect with the size of the table that enhances it more.

Dining Room Lighting: Unique Pendant Lamp

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 5

A small dining room can look more attractive if you add a unique lighting fixture like this pendant.  Since this dining room is simple with a round glass dining table, a colored pendant lamp can bring a more color accent.

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Dining Room Lighting: Captivating Coastal Vibe

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 6

If you have a coastal dining room, a beaded chandelier or this kind of lighting is a perfect pick. It also matches well with the wooden dining set that creates a warm nuance.

Dining Room Lighting: Modern Earthy Vibe

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 7

Using wood as the main material for the dining set can bring more warmth so a dim lighting fixture will complete it. Just like this idea, some pendant lamps enhance the warmness of this room.

Dining Room Lighting: Modern Shaded Chandelier

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 8

A shaded drum chandelier can be a good option to use in a dining room because it gives warm and dimmer lights that match perfectly with a formal atmosphere.

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Dining Room Lighting: Simple Flush Mounts

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 9

Even a simple lighting fixture can determine the overall look of the room. Using a small and simple flush mount lighting like this works just fine.

Dining Room Lighting: Lovely Lighting Fixture

Dining Room Lighting Ideas 10

For people who have a simple dining room with an open concept, this idea can be a great example. A little pendant can brighten up only the dining table so you don’t need to use a big one.

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If you need to brighten up your dining room, pick the best idea that you love and install one in yours now!

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