How to Keep a Bedroom Organized

4 Easy Hacks On How to Keep a Bedroom Stays Organized

We’re sure that having a comfortable bedroom is what everyone wants since it’s a spot where we spend our time. Creating a cozy sleeping area is so important because it will affect the quality of our sleep. Other than choosing the right layout and color of the bedroom, keeping it organized is another homework. For example, if your bedroom is too hot, too cramped, or too messy, it can make it very uncomfortable to sleep in.

For you who are having problems with organizing things, we have some tips that might be helpful.

How to Keep a Bedroom Organized

Spare Spot for Each Item

How to Keep a Bedroom Organized 1

The first thing is that you have to provide a spot for every item so later it will be easier to find a certain item. For example, you can have drawers, hangers, and shelves. You can divide the items according to the category or function such as:

  • Shelves for clothes, bags, shoes, hobbies (figurines), and sweaters.
  • Drawers for something that you need to protect from dust such as watches, jewelry, and other accessories.
  • Hangers for clothes that are easy to fold or easily crinkled

Having proper storage for everything will ease the process when you’re looking for a specific item, instead of throwing everything on the bed. It might take a while at first, especially if you’re still not used to this but it absolutely changes the game.

Have Alternative Storage

How to Keep a Bedroom Organized 2

Some people might think, “I want to have enough storage to keep my bedroom organized but my bedroom is too small”. It’s alright, it’s very understandable that having a small bedroom can be tricky when it comes to storage availability but there are a few options to choose from.

  • A hanging organizer can be used to put either small or big items based on your needs like jackets, skirts, or scarves.
  • Floating shelves are another popular and familiar choice to add additional storage. You can install them above the bed, next to the makeup stand, or in any corner with empty space.
  • Multi-functional furniture like a bench and bed frame with storage on the bottom is a great one if you want to put everything hidden.

Declutter is The Key

How to Keep a Bedroom Organized 3

Try looking around your bedroom and start listing things that you never use anymore. As you may have heard that if there are items that you haven’t used in 3 months, it’s more likely you will never use them anymore. It’s because no matter how much storage you have, it won’t be enough if you love collecting things. Some points to ask yourself:

  • Did I use/wear this in the last 3 months?
  • Do I have something similar to this?
  • Does it have a special story?
  • Will I use/wear it again?

Once you’re done with the Q&A session with yourself, decide to either recycle, donate, or throw them away. Again, this method will ease your organizing job much more.

Make It As Habits

How to Keep a Bedroom Organized 4

Consistency is the key because if you’re not consistent, then your bedroom will be messed up easily. The step is quite simple and easy, you just need to put everything back in its place. This way, you can minimize and prevent everything from piling up.

Organizing bedroom stuff is not easy but it’s definitely worth it to make your bedroom becomes more comfortable.

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