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10+ Captivating Hot Tub Design Ideas That You’ll Love Immediately

The hot tub is a good choice that you can choose if you love a water feature with hydrotherapy functions instead of a swimming pool. It’s indeed a great treat after a long tiring day because you can feel the relaxing pressure on some spots of your body that will relieve all the stress and fatigue. Of course, there are tons of hot tub styles and shapes that you can choose based on your needs and budget.

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We have ten hot tub designs that may help you to decide the best one for you!

Best Hot Tub Design

Hot Tub Design: Stylish Modern Tub

Hot Tub Design 1

Having an indoor hot tub area is a good way to give more privacy and comfort to you. By making an enclosed area with glass windows, you will still be able to see your backyard while enjoying the relaxing water massage.

Hot Tub Design: Stunning Tub Pergola

Hot Tub Design 2

If you’re planning to make your outdoor hot tub looks outstanding, adding an additional feature like this pergola is a great choice. To add a more decorative look, install string or fairy light around it.

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Hot Tub Design: Earthy Wood Elements

Hot Tub Design 3

If you love the warm ambiance, you might use wood to decorate your hot tub area. Making a wooden deck, pergola, and privacy screen like this idea can make your hot tub looks more eye-catching.

Hot Tub Design: Simple Hot Tub Design

Hot Tub Design 4

The simplest way to make your outdoor hot tub looks decorative is by adding a simple feature like a pergola and steps that match the surroundings that are also dominated by wood.

Hot Tub Design: Classic Wood-Fired Style

Hot Tub Design 5

For those who love a classic way to enjoy a relaxing function, wood-fired is a perfect choice. Especially if you’re planning to place it outdoors in your backyard, it will definitely make your backyard looks more attractive.

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Hot Tub Design: Modern Wood-FiredĀ  Tub

Hot Tub Design 6

A wood-fired hot tub can also become modern and matches the general concept of your house. In this idea, the hot tub itself is attached to the wooden deck that is also placed next to the sitting area.

Hot Tub Design: Minimalist Outdoor Layout

Hot Tub Design 7

Another simple way to install an outdoor hot tub is by placing it directly on the deck. Placing it next to the sitting area might enhance the charm of your outdoor atmosphere even more.

Hot Tub Design: Romantic Outdoor Corner

Hot Tub Design 8

Even a small backyard can look attractive with only a hot tub addition. Instead of using a big fixed or freestanding hot tub, you might want to consider using an inflatable one.

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Hot Tub Design: Chic Paver Patio

Hot Tub Design 9

Making a patio as the base of the tub may also a great way to make the hot tub area looks more eye-catching. A sturdy patio made of stone, rock, concrete, or paver is a good one to choose from.

Hot Tub Design: Breathtaking Outdoor Tub

Hot Tub Design 10

A freestanding hot tub on the roof that is combined with a simple yet elegant garden looks so romantic. You might want to try this idea if you want to get a different outdoor ambiance.

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Just pick the best one that you like and start planning now!

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