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Captivating Industrial Living Room Ideas for Modern Vibe

One of the best and probably the most used rooms in a house to gather around with family is a living room. A living room is a spot where you can spend your time simply chatting or enjoying family time while watching TV. Therefore, as a homeowner, you will definitely want to make a cozy living room for the whole family or the coming guest. Of course, making a cozy living room has a wide meaning starting from the general concept, color, decor item to piece of furniture.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to find various home decor styles that suit every homeowner’s taste and needs. Each style has its own charm that can create a different vibe. One of the best interior concepts that creates a modern vibe to your living room is the industrial concept. Some of the characteristics of this concept are the use of uncovered, raw, rough, and unfinished effect materials like raw concrete, uncovered pipes, metal, iron, and exposed bricks.

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To give you a closer look at how to get a modern living room with the industrial concept, we’ve compiled tons of industrial living room ideas below!

Best Industrial Living Room Ideas

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Unfinished Look

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Unfinished Look

As mentioned that one of the characteristics of this concept is the unfinished look. This characteristic shows in this idea, where the concrete ceiling is left uncovered. Not just the ceiling but also the pipes and cables are visible to the people. To balance these strong characteristics, add sleek furniture and some greeneries.

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Jaw-dropping Concrete

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Jaw-dropping Concrete

This living room gives an ultimate reference for the industrial concept. From the ceiling to the wall, the unfinished concrete makes it looks like that it’s uninhabited room. However, a white low L-shaped sofa tone down the concrete color. Moreover, as you can see that instead of a luxurious chandelier, use simple lamps to keep the room as simple as possible.

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Manly and Solid Vibe

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Manly and Solid Vibe

This idea may suitable for people who love black and wood in general. Open shelves that are made of wood and iron are enough to give the industrial look. To enhance it, make an extraordinary table instead of using a sleek one. The wood material definitely adds a warmer look to the room.

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Choosing the industrial concept to use in a living room is a great idea to create a modern vibe. Well, for people who love a neat and simple room, this concept might not for them. This concept might look messy and quite difficult to achieve for some people, but for some others, it looks aesthetically pleasing. In other words, all you have to do is choosing an interior concept based on your taste.

If you feel like your living room looks and feels too plain, it might be the sign that it’s the time for you to change the look. So, decide your favorite industrial concept, grab your tool, and change your living room vibe now!

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