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Creative Kitchen Shelves Ideas for Organized and Neat Kitchen

A kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house that need your extra attention. Although a kitchen is always connected with a dirty and messy image, at least you need to make it looks neat and organized when you don’t use it. One of the best methods to organize your kitchenware and other bulky devices is by having large storage. However, for homeowners who have limited kitchen space, it will be quite difficult to put more cabinets or cupboards.

The best solution is making some shelves to keep your kitchen stuff organized. One of the most used designs is floating or open shelves that expose your kitchen utensils. By optimizing every empty space in your kitchen can save you from buying more bulky cabinets which will make your kitchen looks more stuffy. These self-made shelves also become a great feature for people who have a small kitchen.

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Below we have picked some kitchen shelves ideas that you might want to try at your own kitchen.

Best Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Stylish Wooden Shelves

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Stylish Wooden Shelves

For homeowners who love a rustic farmhouse design, this idea totally represents you. These wooden open shelves look so gorgeous with the tile-mounted wall. To make it looks extraordinary, instead of making a regular vertical tiered shelf, make it horizontally. There is some stuff to put like potted plants on the upper shelf and kitchen utensils on the bottom.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Go with Rustic

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Go with Rustic

Rustic design will never fade away and will still become everyone’s favorite. These floating shelves are divided into different styles and shapes. As for the upper shelf, the shelf is made in a rectangular shape but still in an open style. For the bottom one, it’s just a simple open floating shelf to put small stuff like the spoon and fork organizer and other small things.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Classic Vintage Shelf

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Classic Vintage Shelf

If you have existing kitchenware, you just have to complete the look with some touch here and there. The shelf itself looks quite normal with a floating open shelf for bowls, glasses, and teapots. As for the plates organizer, make it looks standout among other shelves. To make this kind of shelf, you would need extra care when designing to keep the plates safe and not slipping.

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Industrial Shelves

Kitchen Shelves Ideas: Industrial Shelves

If you love the industrial style, this idea might inspire you. Instead of just ordinary floating shelves, install iron pipes as the holder and just let them as they are. To keep the industrial design, you just have to leave them uncovered.

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Making additional shelves can really give you a big help to save both storage and money from buying cabinets. Even a small and tiny space can make a big change to your kitchen so it’s neater and organized. If you spot an empty spot, optimize it by making it as a shelf. If you’re a DIY type of person, you will love this activity.

So, are you ready to make your kitchen looks more organized and neat? Pick your favorite kitchen shelf idea and start making your kitchen more aesthetically organized now!

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