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Irresistible Open Dining Room Ideas You Have to Steal

An open dining room presents the perfect opportunity to put your creativity and decorating skills. To make it works, each area must have a distinct feel, but at the same time, the overall layout needs to be visually cohesive. Some homeowners may find it difficult and challenging to create a cohesive look so it doesn’t look messy or unorganized.

Making a comfortable corner in the house is definitely the ultimate purpose that every homeowner wants. Some homeowners prefer to divide their home with a partition to make every corner looks neat and in its place. However, some others may prefer avoiding partition better. It’s because some of them want to make the place looks more spacious. Making an open room is not everyone’s cup of tea because it may look too crowded with a room inside another room. For example, there is a dining room inside the living room that also next to the kitchen.

On the other sides, an open dining room can be a great idea to make the room looks more captivating. It’s because you can opt-out of the use of partition that sometimes takes some space. It can also make the ambiance becomes more friendly and cozy.

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Below we have collected some open dining room ideas that might inspire you.

Best Open Dining Room Ideas

Open Dining Room Ideas: Stunning Scandinavian Look

Open Dining Room Ideas: Stunning Scandinavian Look

Who doesn’t know the Scandinavian concept when its simplicity and the use of neutral shades like white, gray, and wood elements are the main points. The dining set is made of the ash wood which blends well with the rug. Right next to the dining room, we can see the kitchen clearly without any partition.

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Open Dining Room Ideas: Luxurious Open Dining Area

Open Dining Room Ideas: Luxurious Open Dining Area

When you have an open-plan room, you can decorate it either with the same style or completely different. It’s because though there is no partition between each room, they are still different rooms. Instead, use another focal point that can give both color and texture like the wooden chairs.

Open Dining Room Ideas: Cozy Open Dining Room

Open Dining Room Ideas: Cozy Open Dining Room

An open plan is indeed the best way to optimize the room well. Having an open plan is the best choice when you have a limited place. The relaxing and calming farmhouse concept makes the room feels warmer and cozier. For a small room, of course, you don’t need a very big or bulky dining set but it can be a good thing so it’s easier to clean up.

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Open Dining Room Ideas: Earthy Dining Set

Open Dining Room Ideas: Earthy Dining Set

A dining set and lamps that are made of rattan make this dining set looks casual yet formal by its arrangement. This kind of dining set looks well with the all-white surrounding. It’s comfortable to have an open plan dining room next to the kitchen so you can eat your meals right away.

Open Dining Room Ideas: Lovely Round Dining Room

Open Dining Room Ideas: Lovely Round Dining Room

Though you have a kitchen island with some stools, there is nothing wrong with having a dining set because it provides a better place when you have many coming guests. One of the best tables shapes to use in a small room is a round table.

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Keep scrolling down to get more lovely and aesthetically pleasing open dining room ideas!

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open dining room ideas 7


open dining room ideas 8


open dining room ideas 9


open dining room ideas 10


open dining room ideas 11


open dining room ideas 12

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open dining room ideas 14


open dining room ideas 15


open dining room ideas 16


open dining room ideas 17


open dining room ideas 18


open dining room ideas 19

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So those are some open dining room ideas we’ve compiled just for you. They’re arranged beautifully which makes the whole room complete each other. Of course, this style may not for everyone because it makes the room looks unorganized. However, you can consider this idea to make your dining room and the whole room, in general, look stunning if you’re planning to remodel your current dining room.

In addition, if you’re planning to make an open plan room, just make sure that there are one or a few decor items to separate one room from another. For example, you can put a painting, childhood photos or any wall decor in the living room and put a rug in the dining room.

Just pick the best idea that you like and start making your dream dining room now!

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