Backyard Pergola Ideas

10+ Backyard Pergola Ideas to Make Your Outdoors Looks Outstanding

Improving your outdoor living space can be done in various ways from making a garden, adding water features, or making another feature like a pergola. A pergola doesn’t only make your backyard looks attractive but can also work as a cover of your sitting area. Well, it may not block sun exposure completely because of its structure, but you can add a cover or shade on top of it for extra coverage.

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If you are still hesitant to have a pergola, we have some best pergola ideas that will make you want to have one right away!

Best Backyard Pergola Ideas

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Stunning Dark Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 1

This dark pergola completes the look of the outdoor sitting area that also covers the wooden deck. For extra privacy, the privacy screen adds a more decorative and not to mention the lovely fairy light to lighten up the spot.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Relaxing Simple Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 2

A simple pergola that is connected to the house is suitable for you who want to create a sitting area on a deck or terrace. The string light, privacy screens, and vinyl shade can be additional features.

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Backyard Pergola Ideas: Stylish Modern Nuance

Backyard Pergola Ideas 3

A stylish backyard pergola that beautifies the sitting, dining, and grilling area with its beautiful white color. It makes the outdoor area becomes more comfortable and casual.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Elegant Shaded Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 4

Creating an elegant dining area in a backyard can be achieved by making this minimalist pergola. Just like an indoor dining room, add lighting fixtures to add more elegance at night.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Fresh Rustic Outdoor

Backyard Pergola Ideas 5

Having a grilling area in an outdoor can complete with a pergola that matches well with the modern rustic farmhouse nuance of this backyard.

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Backyard Pergola Ideas: Simple Freestanding Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 6

If you are planning to make a special spot in your backyard, you might want to make a freestanding pergola. A simple sitting area with a concrete patio looks so elegant and lovely.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Cozy Dining Area

Backyard Pergola Ideas 7

Another outdoor dining area with a grilling spot makes the backyard looks more inviting. The freestanding pergola adds more charm to this spot even more.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Charming Simple Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 8

An attached pergola brings both a decorative and functional look that will make your leisure time outdoor becomes cozier with its shade. The matching color of the wood and furniture looks more stunning.

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Backyard Pergola Ideas: Captivating Rustic Atmosphere

Backyard Pergola Ideas 9

For those who want to make a simple pergola but look outstanding, using wood with its natural streamlines and textures like this can bring a more beautiful overall look.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Shaded Wood Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 10

If the regular pergola can’t bring a more covered finish, you might add a shade like this. Choosing white shades is a great choice to match the atmosphere of the sitting area that has an elegant farmhouse vibe.

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Adding a pergola to your backyard, whether as a decorative or additional feature of a sitting area, will make your backyard looks more inviting!

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