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Functional Bathroom Storage Ideas for Neat Area

A bathroom is a must-have area in every house because it’s a place where you refresh your body after all tiring activities. When someone says that a bathroom is a place where they get inspirations, it can be true. It’s because when your body and mind are refreshed,  it makes your imagination becomes fresh again.

To be able to create a fresh ambiance in a bathroom, you would need a neat and clean space. One of the methods is by installing additional storage inside the bathroom. Of course, you don’t always have to put big furniture. Even a simple or self-made storage is enough to put necessities like soaps, shampoo, conditioner, clean towels, and others.

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For your inspiration, we have compiled tons of bathroom storage ideas below. Just keep reading and ready to feel stunned by the spotless room!

Best Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Simple Open Shelves

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Simple Open Shelves

For those who have limited space, it’s still possible to have storage inside the bathroom. This kind of open shelf is something that you can easily find at the furniture store or even make it by yourself. You can put various things on it like clean towels, necessities, and indoor plants.

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Lovely Woven Basket

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Lovely Woven Basket

If you already have cabinets and the room itself is small enough to put another big storage, you might want to add a simple one. For example, making floating shelves above the toilet and to put more stuff inside, use woven baskets that also give an extra beautiful look.

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Cabinets and Shelves Combination

Bathroom Storage Ideas: Cabinets and Shelves Combination

The combination of cabinets and shelves can be very helpful because they can store the various sizes of items. For the cabinets, it can be a place to put bigger items like towels and toiletries. Meanwhile, the open floating shelves can be very useful to put smaller items.

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Just keep scrolling down to see more amazing bathroom storage ideas that will inspire you!

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A bathroom also needs storage to put some toiletries but at the same time, you don’t want to make it feels stuffy and limit your shower time. When it comes to choosing a certain storage style, choose the one that suits your needs and the size of the room. Otherwise, you can make storage by yourself to make it fits the space perfectly.

Even a simple one will give a big help to organize your toiletries. If you think that your bathroom feels too cluttered and messy, maybe it’s time for you to get additional storage and make it clutter-free!

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