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Bright and Fresh Bathroom Blue Ideas You Have to Copy

Many people will agree that a bathroom is the second room in a house that is quite busy and mostly used after a bedroom. As a place where you start and end your daily activity, having an inviting bathroom is really important because it may affect your mood for the whole day. One of the ways to create a certain vibe is by choosing the right color.

As you may have known that every color has its own effect that will give a different feel. One of the best colors that you can use in a bathroom is blue. Of course, based on your taste and needs, use a different shade of blue to match your goal. If you want to create a soft atmosphere, choose ocean blue, baby blue, sky blue, aqua or turquoise. If you want a darker one, use navy, cobalt or any deep shade.

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For your inspiration, check out tons of bathroom blue ideas that we have collected just for you below!

Best Bathroom Blue Ideas

Bathroom Blue Ideas: Calming Light Blue

Bathroom Blue Ideas: Calming Light Blue

Light blue is the best shade for people who love calming and relaxing vibe for their bathroom. Especially when it has windows next to it so it looks brighter. The combination of light blue and white cabinets, mirror frame, and sconces make the bathroom feels soothing.

Bathroom Blue Ideas: Unique Pattern Accent

Bathroom Blue Ideas: Unique Navy Pattern

Other than paint, using tiles or wallpaper to get a certain look or concept is a good option so it will make your work becomes easier. Just like this idea, the pattern on the walls, half of the ceiling, and the floor become the focal point and also eye-catching.

Bathroom Blue Ideas: Bold and Stylish

Bathroom Blue Ideas: Bold and Stylish

Navy is one of the colors that looks bold and strong but also gives an elegant vibe. Use navy paint as the main color to colorize the walls and fill the rest with white. To enhance the elegance, add sconces on each side of the mirror.

Bathroom Blue Ideas: Airy Blue Bathroom

Bathroom Blue Ideas: Airy Blue Bathroom

Well, this idea is quite popular with you use patterned tiles for the floor and plain color for the walls. However, you can also do it in the opposite way so it looks more standout. For another decoration, use another soft color like gold or wooden element for softer nuance.

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Just keep scrolling for more freshly -looking blue bathroom ideas!

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Using a shade of blue for a bathroom can be a good option because it can give you a different vibe based on the shade. Of course, you can always combine it with another color or just use it as an accent for a certain spot by using tiles, decor items, wallpaper or just a plain color.

If you’re ready to change the color of your bathroom, just pick your favorite blue shade, and start recoloring your own bathroom now!

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