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Back to Nature with These Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Every homeowner wants to make their bathroom feel and look unique without worry about losing its main function. A rustic concept is one of the attractive interior designs that many people choose to decorate a bathroom. One of the reasons is because this design uses natural elements as the main or basic materials. You can try using this design if you love natural materials.

Applying a rustic design to decorate a bathroom can be a good choice because it gives a fresher effect. As a spot where you start and end your activity to freshen your body and mind, you need a fresh vibe for your bathroom. Applying rustic design for a bathroom can help you to get double excitement thanks to its natural vibe.

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Best Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Fresh Rustic Spot

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Fresh Rustic Spot

Woods and rattan are usually the most used material to create a rustic look. This wood cabinet looks good with the cream wall which has the same warm shades. Another decoration that worth to try is floating shelves to put some necessities, potted plants or other items as decoration.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Earthy Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Earthy Bathroom

All the elements in this bathroom complete each other and give you an extra relaxing effect. The wood as the main material covers the floor, fixer upper, ceiling, and towel holder. To complete a rustic concept, an exposed bricks wall definitely becomes a focal point and attract people’s attention. To give a more modern look, place a modern bathtub with a brighter color.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Calming with Wood

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Calming with Wood

Using wood is the easiest way to create a rustic atmosphere because of its natural color. Imagine entering a bathroom with this decoration because it will sure make you relaxed and calm. From the cabinets, floor to towel storage is made of wood with different colors which make it looks more captivating. To enhance the calming effect, use beige tiles or marble for the shower area.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Stone Wall Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Stone Wall Bathroom

If you feel that wood is too mainstream and boring, use or combine it with another natural material like stone. The combination of a stone wall with wood for the wall, door, and fixer upper creates a beautiful vibe. You get a beautiful combination of colors from both of the materials. For other furniture, use a modern element to give a contemporary finished look.

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Just keep scrolling down for more amazing rustic bathroom inspirations!

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Those are some beautiful rustic bathroom ideas that you can use as your ultimate reference if you are planning to use a rustic design. Choosing this concept is a great choice if you love natural materials like wood and stone. Of course, you can combine it with another material to make it looks raw like bricks.

Choose your favorite rustic bathroom idea that suits your taste, needs, and budget, and start making your own dreamy rustic bathroom now!

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