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Stylishly Bold Dark Kitchen Ideas You Might Want to Try

When it comes to a kitchen, people want to make it as comfortable as possible because it will affect their mood. Well, it may seem like a kitchen is not special because it’s located inside and people can’t directly notice it. However, for people who love cooking, a kitchen is the place where they can have ‘me time’ while trying a new menu. One of the things that important in interior designing is choosing the main color.

Have you ever thought of using black as the base or main color to dominate a kitchen? Well, if you haven’t, we think that you need to consider it. Of course, you can use black either for most of the room or as an accent for the backsplash, cabinet, countertop, island, sink or others. To balance the black color, use a brighter shade so it doesn’t look too dark.

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For your inspiration, we have prepared dozens of dark kitchen ideas below that you might want to apply to your own kitchen.

Best Dark Kitchen Ideas

Dark Kitchen Ideas: Bold Dark Gray

Dark Kitchen Ideas: Bold Dark Gray

This kitchen that is covered with matte dark gray looks astonishing. The use of white marble for the backsplash and island is a great choice to tone down the dark color. For extra bright effect, use lighting right on top of the island. Another option is to use a white or wooden chair or stools as the sitting set.

Dark Kitchen Ideas: Stylish Black Marble

Dark Kitchen Ideas: Stylish Black Marble

For people who love to use a dark material but also has a pattern on it, marble will be a good fit. Using marble for the island can be a good choice so it will make the kitchen looks less plain. Use white paint for the ceiling and walls.

Dark Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Black and Gray

Dark Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Black and Gray

These black cabinets and backsplash look really stunning and elegant, especially when you combine it with gray or light gray for some spot such as lower cabinets, stools, island, and countertop. Never forget to give enough lighting so it looks brighter.

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Keep scrolling for more stylish and bold kitchen ideas!

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Those are some dark kitchen ideas that you might want to try. Using dark colors to colorize a kitchen may not everyone’s taste because it looks too dark. However, for some people who love dark shades, decorating a kitchen with dark shades will be a fun activity.

In other words, if you want to use a dark shade as the main color of your kitchen, make sure to give attention to the lighting and complementary color to brighten it up. There’s nothing wrong with using dark colors for a kitchen if you like it.

If you want to try it, don’t be hesitate! Just grab your tools and start redesigning your kitchen now!

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