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Alluring Modern Kitchen Ideas to Copy

As the busiest part of the house, a kitchen should make you feel comfortable and invited while preparing meals everyday. There are various ways to make it looks simple but still captivating and also feels comfortable. One of the methods that you can use as a reference is by choosing a design or interior style like the modern style.

When we hear about a modern kitchen, our mind will probably imagining a neat and minimalist kitchen with sleek kitchenware and appliances, dazzling lighting, gorgeous material like marble, and others. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be glamour because even with a regular material, you can get a modern-looking kitchen.

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For your reference, we have prepared some beautiful modern kitchen ideas that you might want to try!

Best Modern Kitchen Ideas

Modern Kitchen Ideas: Sleek and Earthy

Modern Kitchen Ideas: Sleek and Earthy

Even a slight modern touch can do magic to your kitchen just like this sleek white countertop and cabinets. The white marble for the backsplash gives one more point plus. Using material like marble, although it’s just a little tweak, gives a modern and elegant effect. To add a more modern look, use concrete for the ceiling and matte black pendants lights. To complete the minimalist look with an earthy material, use wooden cabinets on the top.

Modern Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Black and White

Modern Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Black and White

We’re sure that many people know the minimalist interior design and usually, the main color of this interior concept is black, white or both. Instead of just a plain white or black shades, modify it by using another material so you don’t need to put many decorations. Just like this idea, use white marble to dominate the island and backsplash and black for the stools and cabinets. To make it looks more stylish, install three pendants lights above the island.

Modern Kitchen Ideas: Eye-Catching Pendants

Modern Kitchen Ideas: Eye-Catching Pendants

The lighting feature can be a focal point that will attract people’s attention. Use a few of unique pendants to give extra charm to the kitchen. A clear pendant will definitely make the kitchen looks more elegant. As for the kitchen itself, black wood is dominating the area from the cabinets to chairs, and the black marble covers the backsplash and island. Thanks to the white wall and soft wooden flooring , the kitchen doesn’t look to dark.

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Just keep scrolling for more astonishing modern kitchen ideas!

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For people who love cooking, the ambiance of your kitchen is really important. Therefore, you would want to make it looks and feel as cozy as possible. Yes, you don’t have to use all your money for expensive material or to make it looks modern. You just need a slight tweak s and there you go!

Just choose your favorite modern kitchen idea based on your taste and budget and start making your own dreamy kichen!

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