How to Remove Mold in Bathrooms

5 Methods: How to Remove Mold in Bathrooms | Simple DIY

A damp, wet, and humid place like a bathroom is a perfect place for all the mess to happen from cockroaches to mold. Mold usually grows in some spots that get wet frequently or because of the steam around the shower, faucets, bathtub, ceiling, and floor. It may look nothing serious but it’s absolutely something that will make the bathroom looks bad. Moreover, it sometimes makes the floor becomes slippery so it can be indeed dangerous.

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If you’re having a bad day because of the mold in your bathroom, we have a few easy ways that you can do to remove the mold.

How to Remove Mold in Bathrooms

Tips 1: Ventilation

How to Remove Mold in Bathrooms 1

Good ventilation is the key to make any room feels fresher with good air.

  • If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, you might want to install an exhaust fan as an option.
  • Another option is by using an air conditioner to keep the bathroom cool.
  • Try to dehumidify the bathroom’s temperature under 50-degree celsius.

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Tips 2: Exhaust Fan

How to Remove Mold in Bathrooms 2

As mentioned above that an exhaust fan can be a good option if you have a small ventilation feature to keep the air inside fresh.

  • It’s recommended to keep the fan on about 30 minutes to an hour after you wash up so it helps to dry the bathroom from any water splash left.
  • Please make sure that you install the right fan based on the dimension of the bathroom so it gives an optimum result to dry the area.

Tips 3: Homemade Solution

How to Remove Mold in Bathrooms 3

There are some options of homemade spray to remove the existing mold.

  • The first spray solution is dilute water and vinegar. This step is quite easy because all you need to do is mixing kitchen vinegar and water with a 1:1 ratio.
  • The second solution is borax that can be used as it is or by crushing it into a powder form. Other than mold, this supply is also good to remove mildew.

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Tips 4: Dry Surroundings

How to Remove Mold in Bathrooms 4

To keep mold and mildew away from your bathroom is by keeping everything dry. This step can be bothersome but it worths the process.

  • Use a squeegee to dry your shower area, partition glass, and other wet surfaces that might become the source of the mold.
  • Don’t ignore damp towels, rugs, and mats. Make sure to put and wash wet towels, damp rugs, and shower mats in the right place instead of just throwing them on the floor.
  • You can also check if there are leaks in the bathroom that make the bathroom damp.

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Tips 5: Waterproof Paint

How to Remove Mold in Bathrooms 5

This can be the last option that you can consider using in a bathroom by using waterproof paint. Waterproof paint is good because it’s easy to wipe so it makes your activity a lot easier. Of course, it depends on the product’s consistency and brands so you will have to do some researches and reviews to make sure.

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Some tips may look too bothersome to do but they can be the simplest way to keep your bathroom looks clean!

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