How to Shock Hot Tubs

Easy DIY: How to Shock Hot Tubs by Yourself with 6 Steps

There are various ways for a homeowner to make an improvement to their houses and one of them is by adding a hot tub. Are you one of them? We know that it’s nice to have a hot tub because you can get a hydrotherapy treatment anytime.

Have you heard about a hot tub shocking process? This term means the maintenance process to ensure the water is in a safe state by using a large dose of oxidizer. Some benefits of this process are removing bromamines, chloramines, organic contaminants, and bacteria, and reactivating bromides.

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There are six steps that you can follow to shock your hot tub by yourself.

Get the Product Ready

First and foremost, get the shocking product ready by doing some research about which product you need. Generally, there are two types of shocking products that you can use.

  • Non-chlorine-based:
    – This won’t disinfect the water.
    + Great at oxidizing other contaminants.
    + Safe for regular use if you’re using the spa on a regular basis.
  • Chlorine-based:
    + Can work as oxidizers and disinfectants.
    + Good for periodical use because the chemical level can be harsh for the hot tub’s plumbing.
    + It’s best to use it when you open the hot tub for the first time, change the water, and need a good cleaning after a heavy bather load.

Ventilate the Tub

The purpose of this step is basically to let your spa breathe to keep the chemicals off the water. All you need to do is open the hot tub cover and remove everything that floats on the water such as the thermal cover or any other accessories.

Test Water Chemistry Level

To let the product works at its best, the level of chemistry test should be:

  • The pH level should be between 7.4 – 7.6.
  • Alkalinity should be between 100 ppm to 150 parts per million (ppm).
  • Calcium hardness needs to be around 100 ppm to 250 ppm.

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Turn the Blower Off

Turning off the blower is no other than to make sure the product sits on the water properly and does not go to the hot tub’s waterline system.

  • Turn on the circulation pump to help the shock circulate well through the hot tub.
  • Turn off the jets so the water won’t move too agitated.

Start the Process

Once everything is set, you’re ready to start the process.

  • Check the product’s instructions to get the perfect dose of the product based on the amount of water your hot tub holds.
  • You may also want to consult the manufacturer if you’re not sure how many gallons of water are in your hot tub.
  • For indoor hot tubs, open the windows to get better air circulation. If it’s outdoors, be extra careful because the strong wind might blow the chemical to you.
  • Pour the shock product into the hot tub and let it sits for about 20 minutes.

Almost Done!

After 20 minutes, the finishing step is:

  • Cover the hot tub if you’re not going to use it immediately.
  • Before using it, make sure the time needed for the shock is completely done.
  • Since there’s no exact rule about how long you have to wait before using the hot tub again, check the chemistry level again and the shock instruction pages for more details.

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So, those are six steps on how to shock your hot tub to keep it clean and safe for everyone. If you’re a hot tub owner, you may want to save this tutorial for your reference to use later!

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