Small Bathroom Ideas

Stunning Small Bathroom Ideas You Have to Steal Now

Having a small area can be challenging because you have to think about how to make it works as its main function without making it feels stuffed. Among many core rooms in a house, a bathroom is indeed important so you can’t skip this one. Of course, every homeowner wants to have a full and complete bathroom with a bathtub, shower, toilet, and vanity. However, a small bathroom might need a few modifications to suit everything.

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If you have a small bathroom and are looking for ideas, we’ve prepared some small bathroom ideas just for you!

Best Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas: Simple and Decorative

Small Bathroom Ideas 1

This one only contains a toilet but still looks attractive with a navy blue color on half of the wall and white tiles on the bottom. The wall decoration then adds a more decorative look so it doesn’t look too plain and boring.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Eye-Catching Tiling Details

Small Bathroom Ideas 2

As shown in this idea, the tiling detail on the shower area and floor can be one of the ways to make a statement. While the surrounding is filled with white color, colored tiles become the centerpiece to attract attention.

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Small Bathroom Ideas: Simple Neutral Look

Small Bathroom Ideas 3

The combination of neutral shades and natural light will never disappoint you to create a brighter and wider illusion. This small bathroom looks stylish with marble flooring, a glass partition, and tiles accent on the wall.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Breathtaking All-White Concept

Small Bathroom Ideas 4

Here’s another idea of a small bathroom with an all-white concept that makes it looks stylish. If the space is slightly wider, you can put a vanity, toilet, and even a shower with a partition that divides the wet and dry area.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Small Room

Small Bathroom Ideas 5

This one is another inspiration for a toilet that you can consider using for the guest’s bathroom. The vibe of this bathroom gives an industrial and rustic with black pipes and classic vintage floor tile.

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Small Bathroom Ideas: Bright Farmhouse Nuance

Small Bathroom Ideas 6

Using classic neutral colors as the main element will never get old because it allows you to combine them with everything. The black tile for flooring gives a sweet touch to this bathroom in white without making it looks off.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Stylish Modern Styling

Small Bathroom Ideas 7

Of course, for a small area, the minimalist concept is the best to make everything fits the space perfectly yet still look stunning. Again, neutral shades play a very important role to create a fresh, breezy, and elegant effect to the room.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Dazzling Natural Light

Small Bathroom Ideas 8

If you have an attic bathroom, you can make a simple shower room and have a simple storage area for placing some toiletries and towels. You can even have a minimalist vanity and mirror right below the light.

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Small Bathroom Ideas: Decorative Tiny Space

Small Bathroom Ideas 9

Here we have another petite bathroom that combines some elements from shiny and patterned tiles, glass partitions, and natural light. Some natural elements also freshen the bathroom’s view along with the bright sunlight.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Classic Vintage Vibe

Small Bathroom Ideas 10

For those who love a vintage vibe, this beautiful idea can be a great one to steal. Instead of covering the room with an all-white color, mix it with some patterns and colors either for the wall or floor.

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Of course, even a small bathroom can look stunning as long as you decorate it beautifully. Now, choose the one that fits your preference and start your own bathroom immediately!

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