Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Inspiring Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Updated Look

If changing only the color of a room is too simple and doesn’t give total satisfaction to you, it’s probably the right choice for you to remodel instead. Unlike changing the color only, which also be known as renovation, remodeling is the whole process that lets you change the whole concept, look, and add a new feature to a certain area. Of course, it’s not an easy decision and process but it’s worth it if you want to achieve a particular concept that represents your dream.

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Before deciding on a certain decorating style, we have compiled some best bathroom remodel ideas that you can use as your ultimate reference.

Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Minimalist Small Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 1

If you have a small bathroom and want to make it looks more stylish, the combination of a wet area with a glass partition can be very stunning and dazzling.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Warm Earthy Vanity

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2

Considering a mirror and vanity as additional features can be very helpful and functional for providing more storage. Also, a mirror helps to create a wider and spacious illusion.

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Shower Spa Style

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 3

For people who love the setting and vibe of a spa, try using this idea with a wooden floor and seating area. Also, add a steel towel hanger or bar on the side that will also be useful for other stuff.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Modern Monochromatic Look

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 4

This modern bathroom looks so stylish with some simple and sleek features from the mirror, sink, vanity, sconces, partition, shower, and lighting.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Attractive Walk-In Shower

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 5

If you can make a unique walk-in shower so why stay with a standard one? In this idea, there’s a separate wet area with a shower that is placed on the wooden deck. Meanwhile, the toilet, vanity, and sink are located on the other side.

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Warm Rustic Decor

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 6

This modern rustic bathroom is suitable for homeowners who want to create a separate decorative corner before entering the main bathroom. Filling up the spot with wood and lighting will give a rustic feeling.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Striking Contemporary Decor

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 7

People who love a total makeover that combines a modern and natural element might want to try this. the combination of wood, marble, granite, concrete and other sleek features complete each other and create a luxurious atmosphere.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Simple Small Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 8

A small bathroom doesn’t mean that it can’t look stunning. Dividing the side for a ‘dry’ area and the other for a bathtub and shower can save more space to walk around.

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Minimalist Warm Decor

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 9

Another idea that many people use for their minimalist bathroom is by making an alcove bathtub with a shower above. A frameless glass partition, toilet, and vanity create a good balance without making the room look crowded.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Stylish Modern Farmhouse

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 10

Those who don’t have a bathtub at first might consider having an alcove bathtub with a shower above and installing a partition to prevent splash.

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It’s time for you to make your dream bathroom come true right now!

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