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Vintage Bathroom Ideas

Bring Back Time with These Mesmerizing Vintage Bathroom Ideas

Nowadays, there are many interior designs that you can find and copy from the internet, from the classic to the latest and modern. One of the designs that many people still love sis the vintage design. Just like its name, a vintage decor style has an elegant old classic vibe.

This design usually uses materials like rusty wood, metal, timber, and other materials that give a time travel feel. Of course, you can always combine it with other styles if you want to make it looks more sophisticated and stylish. You can add some sleek and modern elements to make it looks balance.

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For your ultimate inspiration, we have collected the best vintage bathroom ideas below just for you so make sure to check them all!

Best Vintage Bathroom Ideas

Vintage Bathroom Ideas: The Rusty Wood

Vintage Bathroom Ideas: The Rusty Wood

As we all know that a vintage style has usually some rusty elements that become the focal point in this concept. In this idea, we can see that a rustic wooden ceiling, wooden sink support, and the cupboard itself has a vintage vibe. It gives a more vintage look with the tiles that are used for the floor instead of tiles in a modern shape or style that are usually shiny and sleek.

Vintage Bathroom Ideas: Beautiful Rustic Look

Vintage Bathroom Ideas: Beautiful Rustic Look

We can feel all the rustic and vintage atmosphere that this bathroom gives. The painted wooden flooring may look slightly modern but the freestanding bathtub itself gives a vintage look, especially from the color. Looking around, green cabinets with both sinks on each side with wood elements enhance the vintage nuance more.

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Vintage Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Vintage Bathroom

Vintage Bathroom Ideas: Minimalist Vintage Bathroom

If you want to have a vintage bathroom but with a modern touch, you might want to steal this idea. Instead of filling it up with wood materials, use white tiles to cover the wall area and dark gray for the other side as an accent. To give more vintage feeling, a lighting fixture or decor items might help as well.

Vintage Bathroom Ideas: Stunning Vintage Setting

Vintage Bathroom Ideas: Stunning Vintage Setting

Even by just looking at it we can see and feel the elegant vintage atmosphere. All the elements in this bathroom give such breathtaking features. The wooden elements from the wall, mirror frame, vanity, and sink complete each other. Moreover, the short curtain that covers the bottom part of the vanity enhances the vintage feel more.

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If those are not enough and haven’t found the one that attracts your attention? Don’t worry, check the rest down below!

Vintage Bathroom Ideas 5


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 6


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 7


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 8


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 9


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 10


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 11

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Vintage Bathroom Ideas 12


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 13


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 14


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 15


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 16


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 17


Vintage Bathroom Ideas 18

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So, have you found your favorite vintage bathroom ideas?  Now you are ready to redecorate your own bathroom!

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