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Beautify Your Room with These Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is a place where you can enjoy your spare and lazy time while watching your movies, TV series or simply listening to your favorite singer. It’s a normal thing that homeowners want to make their bedrooms feel cozy and make them feel energized.

One of the important points from a room design is the use of wall decor items. Decor items can give extra feeling and charm to the room as long as it’s placed and used beautifully that will look balanced with the bedroom’s surrounding. It’s because for some people, depending only on the paint color is not enough to give an extra effect to the atmosphere.

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To give you a more inspiring reference, we’ve prepared dozens of wall decor bedroom ideas below that you can use for your ultimate consideration!

Best Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Tumblr Style

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Tumblr Style

As some of you may have known, there was a trend of making anything in ‘Tumblr-ish style’, and the main key of this style is the use of string light. Just like shown in this idea, instead of making using string light in the corner of in a certain spot, hanging them on the walls create an elegant look. If you don’t like an outstanding wall decor like paintings, this simple idea might suit you.

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Find a Matching Color

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Find a Matching Color

For homeowners who have their bedroom in a certain concept and a basic color, this idea can be a good reference. A modern industrial concept bedroom is filled with a dark purple ad violet as the main color. To complete the look without adding any texture or pattern, try hanging a painting with the same color shade.

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Decorative and Colorful

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Decorative and Colorful

This idea is basically where you can expose your interest which will also make you feel energized. You can add some wall decor items that contain your interest, hobby or simply a favorite color. The yellow color from the patterned fabric and other decor items give extra charm to the room.

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Simple and Elegant

Wall Decor Bedroom Ideas: Simple and Elegant

For people who like a minimalist style and want to use it for the entire room, this idea might be a good choice. Instead of some big decor items, you can make a floating shelf above the headboard and place your favorite things like framed quotes, simple paintings, and other decor items with the same color shade to keep it looks minimalist.

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So, those are some beautiful wall decor bedroom ideas that you can use as a reference to make your bedroom looks more colorful. They look surely enhance the vibe of the bedroom, especially when you already have a certain concept. It might quite tricky if you have your walls done in a certain color because you need to choose the right color of the wall decor that complement the base color.

Well, since a bedroom is your personal space, you can decorate it as unique as you want even when people might think that it doesn’t look good or ‘messy’.

Pick your best wall decor idea, mix it with your imagination, and just do whatever you want with your own bedroom!

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