Open Kitchen Ideas

Attractive Open Kitchen Ideas to Enhance Your Minimalist Home

There are many ways to improve every corner of your house so it becomes cozier but still functional as its main function. One of them is by using an open plan concept which means that you decorate a room without any partition. With this decorating style, you will save more space to make any room looks more spacious. In other words, an open plan concept is suitable for people who have a small and narrow space.

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Don’t worry, we are here and present some open kitchen ideas that you can steal and apply to your own kitchen.

Best Open Kitchen Ideas

Open Kitchen Ideas: Open Farmhouse Style

Open Kitchen Ideas: Open Farmhouse Style

By using an open plan, you can definitely save more space since there is no partition that separates each room. Just like this kitchen, it’s openly exposed and mixed with the dining area in the middle. An exposed brick flooring makes this room looks more captivating and enhances the calm and earthy look.

Open Kitchen Ideas: Attractive Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen Ideas: Attractive Open Kitchen

Another idea that looks quite simple for your minimalist house by choosing a different color for each area to differentiate it. Since there’s no partition that separates both areas, using a different color can be a great method. The only partition in this idea is a painted wooden kitchen island in navy blue. The two areas may have a different concept which is a farmhouse kitchen and modern dining area.

Open Kitchen Ideas: Minimalist Rustic Kitchen

Open Kitchen Ideas: Minimalist Rustic Kitchen

This lovely small rustic kitchen is so simple with a matte overall finish wall and exposed bricks on the other side. Just like the other ideas, this kitchen is in the same space as the dining room. With the same base material, which is wood, enhances the space vibe becomes warmer.

Open Kitchen Ideas: Stunning Black and White

Open Kitchen Ideas: Stunning Black and White

It’s indeed quite tricky to decorate a small area because you have to use the correct decor styling and furniture. Instead of using a big dining set, try to optimize every single space by adding some chairs around the island to give more space and afford more people.

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Open Kitchen Ideas 5


Open Kitchen Ideas 6


Open Kitchen Ideas 7


Open Kitchen Ideas 8


Open Kitchen Ideas 9

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If you need more inspirations, we still have some ideas left below so make sure to check them all!


Open Kitchen Ideas 11


Open Kitchen Ideas 12


Open Kitchen Ideas 13


Open Kitchen Ideas 14

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Open Kitchen Ideas 15


Open Kitchen Ideas 16


Open Kitchen Ideas 17


Open Kitchen Ideas 18


Open Kitchen Ideas 19

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So, what do you think with an open plan concept? For some people, this concept may look too casual because some of them want extra privacy. However, it’s one of the concepts that worth to try because it also radiates minimalism that opts-out every single partition that can make a room looks more stuffy.

If you feel that your home feels too full of stuff, you might want to remodel it with an open plan concept!

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